Ascension Vortex

Alchemical Magic, Manifestation & Divinity Codes

For eons humanity has been stuck in lower vibrational fields of consciousness

Our blueprint structured in such a way as to keep us disconnected & separated 

This is now changing

We're in a profound shift of the Ages

New Earth is birthing, our energetic DNA is changing and You are being Called to up level & shift the very structure of your blueprint 

the very core of your reality

Some are learning to stabilise themselves in the 5D 

To create a reality that through embodying their sovereignty & innate power

However, during this huge rebirthing process there is another path available

This path takes you beyond a 5D reality

It takes you beyond your Sovereignty codes 

into the birthing of your Divinity Codes

 your Divinity Codes

Your Divinity Codes lay dormant within your DNA & Lightbody

Ready to be activated 

There is a sequence, a series of energetic frequencies that have to be initiated for you to activate these codes

This is a journey of lifetimes

Profound shifts of consciousness, divine messages & sacred knowledge

Activation of Gifts & Impact in the world

Are you ready to step into this next level?

Some of the Sacred Mysteries we'll dive into ...

Birthing Your Divine Gifts

Sovereignty & Owning Your power

Accessing your Multi Dimensional Self

Energetic Mastery

Quantum Manifestation

Amplifying Your Intuition & stepping into the mysteries

Dynamics around Holding Your Light

Holograms & Divine Blueprint

Initiations of Polarity

Crystal Skulls

Sacred Sites, Stargates & Inter dimensional travel

about this Sacred Container

Foundational + Quantum Energetics +  Transmissions + Divine Technology

The essence of what you'll receive in this container is NOT the knowledge (although it's very sacred)

You cannot activate these codes with knowledge alone

It's the Transmissions

The Codes

The Shifts in your Morphogenetic field

It's not something you can see, touch, intellectually learn but something to be experienced, felt & received

It's a Reawakening & Remembering of WHO YOU ARE, at the essence of your being

 you'll Receive  

3 x 1-1 Sessions with Chloe

1 x Live Monthly Ascension Code Transmission Call 

Channelled Teachings & Ancient Wisdoms 

Weekly Holographic Blueprint Sessions 

BONUS - Destiny Mastery Program

BONUS - Divine Feminine Codes Program

BONUS - Source Workshop 

 Being held in this Sacred container means you receive energetic transmissions, expansions of consciousness and encodements  

This is your opportunity to expand & upgrade your Hologram 

To shift the very core state of your BEINGNESS

To begin the Journey from 5D into 7D consciousness 

To activate & awaken your Higher Chakras

Be held in the Crystalline Matrix

Deepen your connection to the Mysteries

Activate & Integrate your Merkaba Codes

Heal & Awaken dormant DNA

As you open up your Hologram and clear any distortions held in your electromagnetic field, you begin to live and experience different realities & travel inter dimensionally 

You anchor your divine, spiritual gifts & abilities and then start to embody them & share your sacred gifts with others

You activate the sacred geometry, light data points, DNA & holographic fields to shift consciousness and recalibrate to the deep inner knowing that you are SOURCE

It is from this point of awareness you weave your magic knowing who you truly are

The divine architect of your reality 

The weaver who weaves her magic & light

 This is potent transformation & Goddess Power

I hold this sacred space for you to take your next quantum upgrade in your ascension journey

 Your Investment

This is a year long container with a higher investment reflecting the potency, passion & dedication to your Ascension Journey

This is why it is application only 

If you do feel drawn then we would love to hear from you