Multi-Dimensional Awakening


 LIGHT CODE ACTIVATIONS + Rebirth Ceremony with transmissions & merkaba Journey to newgrange, Ireland

A Shift of energy for 2024

2023 was an intense year

We've navigated huge waves of high frequency light alongside deep clearings and the continuing collapse of 3D structures, systems & organisations for the birthing of New Earth

2024 is very different energetically

We will still witness the continued collapse of the old 3D matrix


 there is now a tangible shift astrologically  in 2024 

This heralds the anchoring, grounding and mass awakening of a more spiritual way of being and New Earth Reality

We'll also witness more collectives and communities coming together with shared values and groups working together for the greater good of the planet & humanity

This is the Age of Aquarius 

Pure Wonder, Magic & Innocence

To access deeper layers of multi dimensional accessibility you need to 

 purify and clear a certain amount of patterning to allow these codes to fully embody within your energy system

One of the key codes is the Inner Child. 

That's because access into the inner earth kingdoms and higher realms is through your heart and specifically the child like frequencies of pure wonder, magic & innocence

Also, it's your ability to tune into the Christ grid and the depths & frequencies that you can access that will also determine how much you can tap into your multi dimensional abilities 

Thirdly, connecting with the elemental kingdoms will support the manifestation of these light codes into the physical realm enabling a smoother integration and tangible shifts in your reality

Discover Multi - Dimensional Awakening & Rebirth 

Each year in the Northern Hemisphere we reach a potent point of TRANSFERENCE on the planet. This profound energy ripples throughout the Earth and creates a portal of deep transformation & spiritual awakening

It's a time where the veils are thin and the potential for spiritual expansion and elevated states of bliss are amplified

This portal opens up a direct channel for the highest purest diamond frequencies of Light & Ascension Codes to filter down onto earth including the frequencies of the Celestial Christ & codes for the activation access to the Inner Earth Kingdoms & multi dimensional awakening

It's a potent gateway that activates your heart & third eye chakras to open up deeper aspects of your psyche including diamond consciousness enabling you to navigate multi dimensional landscapes & experience inter dimensional reality shifts

It's Pure Unicorn Magic!

Join Chloe in this potent REBIRTH transmission to awaken your multi dimensional awareness.

This transmission contains powerful transference frequency codes recorded over the winter solstice

What's included in your Multi Dimensional Kit

This kit includes a potent blend of transmissions, activations, ceremony & codes to support you to take your next step in your awakening process. 


Crystalline Matrix Attunement


Crystal Child Codes


Rebirth Ceremony @ Newgrange, Ireland, Sacred site


Gnome Magic Manifestation

Lets dive deeper

Crystalline matrix attunement

Attune & recalibrate to the crystalline matrix at a deeper level for multi dimensional access

◊ Awaken natural clairaudient abilities

◊ Absorb higher frequencies of light

◊ Open up doorways into other realms

Crystal Child Codes

Clear Inner Child Codes to open your heart at a deeper level and experience the wonder, innocence & magic of a child

As you cultivate this frequency state you'll open up deeper levels of your heart for multi dimensional access

Rebirth Ceremony @ Newgrange sacred site

Experience the potent combination of Solstice Rebirth frequencies & the potent codes present at Newgrange sacred site in Ireland.

Newgrange is a coded portal for Rebirthing specifically lined up to the Winter Solstice sun.

Gnome Magic Manifestation

Discover the magical manifestation abilities of the Gnomes in this frequency meditation.

Play with this transmission to support you to go from frequency download into physical shifts in reality.

This is the embodiment phase 

"Tapping into your Multi Dimensional Awareness & Anchoring into your reality will be KEY to your Spiritual Expansion in 2024"