New Earth
Manifestation Vortex

TUrbo charge Your manifestation Abilities & CO-create your New Earth Reality

A 5 day immersive experience of potent light encoded transmissions & activations to amplify your manifestation powers 

This potent immersion is only £47

Quantum leap your Manifestation Powers & tap into your Divine birthright of abundance

We 're about to enter into a potent manifestation vortex

Between 1st Feb and the end of April we're entering into a powerful vortex

Are you ready to claim your divine birthright of Abundance, tap into your manifestation abilities and ride this expansion and forward moving wave? 

The new Earth is being built through each one of us stepping up into our Sovereignty, connecting to Source and creating aligned action to manifest a world that reflects our spiritual values & desires. 

This why I am facilitating this 5 day manifestation vortex to support you to tap into your hidden powers & enable the new Earth creation.

We all have our part to play.


Right now, more than ever it's essential to take super focused, soul aligned action to bring your cherished dreams and visions and ground them into your reality.

Join me on this 5 day immersive experience where we'll create a potent vortex of energy to amplify our intentions and creations


Are you ready to...

Quantum leap your impact in the World

Embrace your manifestation abilities

Stand in your power & step out of the matrix

Claim your divine sovereignty & radiate your Light

Join Chloe in this potent manifestation vortex

In this 5 day manifestation vortex, we'll be working with transmissions and light encoded activations to shift your energy field, activate light codes for manifestation and stand in your power as a divine empowered soul.

Here's your Divine Manifestation Formula

Day One

Magic of Direct Source Manifestation

Discover the power of co creation & manifestation and how you can tap into the Universe to create directly from Source & not your mind!

Day Two

Your Frequency Is Your Currency

Fast track your manifestation abilities by becoming a vibrational match for what it is you wish to draw into your life

Day Three

Shifting Hidden Blocks Rapidly

You know you're a divine abundant being, so why is it that you're struggling to manifest even the simplest things? It's because of your subconscious blocks. Learn to shift these blocks rapidly with my Frequency Shifting Block Transmission & Activation

Day Four

Accessing Quantum Flow States

Discover Chloe's 5D co creation blueprint to create heightened states of flow, synchronicity & magic throughout your day for rapid manifestation

Day Five

Multi Dimensional Manifestor

Discover the unlimited support availble from the Universe, how your hologram delegates this and how to collapse the old 3D time space wave 

To make the biggest difference in this world, to amplify your impact and manifest your Soul's desires it all comes down to the Mastery of your Inner Self through frequency

This is why I created this 5 day immersive experience to support you as a conscious creator & Goddess vessel to shift & co create from the very core of your essence.

I work uniquely both energetically through transmissions & activations as well as through shifting awareness so you can create a deep alchemical process within your body & consciousness

It's time to step into your Sovereignty & Power as a Divine Manifestor

How it works

Daily Transmissions

Starting 1st Feb you'll receive daily emails with your light encoded transmission & activation package for that day. Each package is approx 30 minutes and contains a brief introduction, transmission and activation.  Each transmission builds on the last energetically to recalibrate layer by layer your new energetic architecture.  


All trainings will be provided inside our brand new New Earth community. Sharing your journey with others who are also on a similar path to you is hugely rewarding and supportive. Our intention is that in this community you'll  make life long friends 


Once the 5 days are complete the real Alchemy begins as you take those shifts of energy & consciousness and ground them into your day to day life. This is why you have 24/7 access to all 5 days and Chloe will also share other ways that you can work with her should you feel guided

We start on the 1st February

Now is the time, move than ever, to listen to your Souls calling. The New Earth Template is being birthed through each one of us.


How easily and how potent those manifestations are is up to you!

Love for Chloe's Offerings ...

I cannot express how much better I feel!

"I love the Crystal Grid Journeys and having set meditations to work with every month. when I run the frequencies this way on myself, morning and evening, I cannot express how much better I feel!"

I was in tears of Gratitude

"I was in tears of gratitude for I felt my womb for the first time, not mentally or just trying to visualize, I saw beauty, blackness and blankness, purity, innocence and love and I cried myself a river as I dreamed of being a woman and just feel for eons."

Like No Other Experience I Have Had !

"These activations are deep, mysterious & profound. I have been working as a professional psychic & healer for 20 years but this work Chloe is offering in the Earthstar Temple is like no other experience I have had ”

So harmonious & filled with high frequency

"Chloe’s voice is so harmonious and filled with high frequency and the Merkaba Grid Journeys are so healing."

The Best Mentor I Know

“Chloe's amazing divine gifts as a light bearer, makes her the best mentor I know… and I’ve known quite a few on my spiritual path. I just love her and all that she offers”

This was extremely powerful!

"This was extremely powerful and at the end of the meditation I was sobbing and it ended as quickly as it started but it was definitely a big release."

It felt so powerful and magical and I have definitely had a third eye shift

"Thank you so much for such an amazing activation following the healing. It felt so powerful and magical and I have definitely had a third eye shift. The monthly healings are so wonderful and you do an amazing job supporting us all."

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frequently asked questions?

Q. Do I have to listen to the activations each day?

No, not at all. All these sessions are recorded and will be placed in a dedicated portal for you to access 24/7

Q. How much of my time will it require?

You have lifetime access to this course and so can take it at your own pace
Some of the meditations are only 10 minutes long so easy to fit into your day
Trust your intuition and guidance and to how often to listen and work with these transmissions
It may only be once every week or so or every day
That's up to you and your Higher self