Sphinx Mastery

crystal merkaba grid journey to sphinx, giza

about this journey

an overview...

Sphinx Mastery was channelled over the rare Jupiter-Neptune in Pisces Conjunction April 12th 2022.  This energetic journey to the Great Sphinx on the Giza Plateau gifts us an opportunity to download unique keys & codes, to access past life gifts & talents and to discover some of the mysteries encoded within the Great Sphinx. 

This journey is perfect for:

  • Opening up your psychic nature & intuitive abilities to tap into your divine feminine powers
  • Creating a better understanding of lightbody symptoms & how they accelerate your ascension process
  • Discovering keys to self mastery 

Spiritual technology involved in this journey

Access hidden doorways into the Hall of Records

An energy vortex ...

Discover the hidden keys and codes to self mastery through Lightbody & Merkaba technology.

An energy vortex...

Unlock the mysteries encoded within the Sphinx

Hopis’ ancient knowledge....

Awaken Atlantean codes to access past life gifts, wisdom, lineage & leadership qualities

Hopis’ ancient knowledge....

Full Journey to the Great Sphinx, Giza

Merkaba Meditation

Full Journey Audio

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We'd love to hear about your experiences; writing them down can really anchor them in to your physical reality, shifting your consciousness and supporting you to move forward with aligned action 

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