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Elevate your Spiritual Journey, Shift your Frequency, Unlock Higher Gifts & Ignite your Destiny

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Earthstar Temple

the Earthstar Temple membership is
your sacred container 

to elevate your spiritual growth, Unlock Higher Gifts & Ignite Your Destiny

As a member you receive ongoing energetic support & activations to ignite your destiny codes on a daily basis so you can awaken and step more into your passion, purpose & destiny

You'll also join a soul inspired community of members who will support & uplift you

Join hundred's of Other spiritually awakening Souls

Here's what our Temple members are saying...


One of the Best Decisions I Have Ever Made

"Joining the Earthstar Temple is one of the best decisions I have ever made. I have already received so much from it"

- Sam


I cannot express how much better I feel!

"I love the Crystal Grid Journeys and having set meditations to work with every month. when I run the frequencies this way on myself, morning and evening, I cannot express how much better I feel."

- Helen


Like No Other Experience I Have Had !

"“These activations are deep, mysterious & profound. I have been working as a professional psychic & healer for 20 years but this work Chloe is offering in the Earthstar Temple is like no other experience I have had ”

- Katrina


I can't tell you have much this membership helps me

"When joining the Earthstar Temple, suddenly, everything I had learnt about spirituality fell into place. Chloe’s voice is so harmonious and filled with high frequency and I can’t tell you have much this membership helps me. Meditation is so much more enjoyable and the Merkaba Grid Journeys are so healing."



The Best Mentor I Know

“Chloe's amazing divine gifts as a light bearer, makes her the best mentor I know… and I’ve known quite a few on my spiritual path. I just love her and all that she offers”

- Athena


It felt so powerful and magical and I have definitely had a third eye shift

"Thank you so much for such an amazing activation following the healing. It felt so powerful and magical and I have definitely had a third eye shift. The monthly healings are so wonderful and you do an amazing job supporting us all."



Wow it's AMAZING!

"I joined the Earthstar Temple a couple of weeks ago and wow it’s just AMAZING! I kept being drawn to it and just thought it’s meant to be and I am just loving it."

- Jemma

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Beautiful soul does this sound like you? 

Maybe you're;

Passionate about your Spiritual Growth and ready to fast track your ascension journey but not sure how

Here to be of service  but you're struggling to manifest from your higher gifts & abilities

Doubting yourself & your abilities
as a Lightworker

You have plateaued on your Spiritual Journey: you feel stuck and you don't know how to move on

Stressed & burnt out, like you're caught in a negative spin but don't know how to reverse it

Disconnected from Spirit: leaving you feeling a lack of faith & trust in yourself, others & the Universe

Feeling like a yoyo, one minute you feel high and excited  and the next minute your feel down & depressed

Know that so much more is possible: you know you are the co creator of your reality but knowing that and actually making that a reality is challenging right now

Feel unbalanced, and emotionally unstable

There's a reason for this, you're in a


You're being pushed to go through these decode/recode cycles as the planet is going through a huge rebirthing process.

You're having to shift your frequency continually to stay in alignment with the vibration of the planet.

The ONLY way you can shift your frequency is by DECODING & RECODING.

You have to consistently DECODE past life wounding, blocks & distortions that you have accumulated over lifetimes.

This is where I see so many Lightworkers, Empaths & Soul centered Goddess's get stuck
they go into overwhelm & fear & consequently plateau on their spiritual journey leaving them feeling disillusioned, frustrated & empty.

They literally get stuck in this process of DECODING where restrictive thought patterns, feelings & perceptions come up to the surface, often through external triggers.

I have seen this not only with myself but with thousands of clients I have worked with over the last 30 years

The KEY is to learn how to "transfer" from one state of being without getting stuck, plateauing or going into overwhelm or fear. 

The more decode/recode cycles you move through the quicker you step into your destiny & purpose & fullfil your contract as a Lightworker

When you decode/recode every day you'll: 


Release blockages & past life woundings that have have held you back from owning your spiritual power


Resonate an Inner Power so you can feel empowered, confident & successful in all you do


Infuse Light for the activation of your Destiny Codes so you can step onto your destiny path


Open up your Higher gifts of healing, psychic abilities channelling, creativity, higher communication & reconnection to the Light


Communicate your unique knowledge & awareness with clarity & power


Reconnect to Spirit - embody faith & trust, have courage in yourself & live your truth


This is why I created a Spiritual Accelerator System + Lightworker Tool kit for my clients.

When working with my clients, I could see and feel their spiritual gifts & psychic ablities trying to birth but at the same time they were getting stuck in the DECODING process within their daily life

I knew that the planet & the Universe needed these Lightworkers to reactivate their dormant gifts. Their gifts & unique Light was needed in their family units, professional environment & globally

I was guided to create a 24/7 portal for these amazing Lightworkers so that they could continue the decoding/recoding process in between each session.

And so the Earthstar Temple was a birthed ......

Let me Introduce you to your daily Lightworker Tool Kit, Monthly Energetic Upgrade & Support System

In my membership site I combine monthly Healings, Ceremony, Live Calls with me, Q & A's, Recommendations, Journaling, light-encoded Frequency Meditations, Crystal Merkaba Grid Journeys & Ancient Wisdom Teachings.

Your membership Includes

( your complete Lightworkers Tool Kit, Monthly Energetic Upgrade & Support System )