Rising together to build new earth

Earthstar Temple

Spiritual membership to Nurture your Soul & Manifest Your New EArth

You're a Multi dimensional being of Light

You have everything deep inside of you to co create your most
EXPANSIVE, ABUNDANT & SOUL fulfilling life

A goddess aligned reality where you tap into your divine gifts and share them with the world

This is your ascension path

As you shift your frequency, infuse light and activate dormant codes you create a powerful impact out into the world with your Frequency, your Gifts, your Wisdom & your Love

You are literally birthing into a totally New You

This can at times feel challenging & unstable as your very core is being reconfigured & recalibrated
You are being pushed out of your zone of comfort and this can make you feel uncomfortable, fearful and vulnerable...

This is totally normal!

You're going though massive upgrades and that can feel chaotic & unstable as your whole world is shifting - physically, mentally, emotionally & spiritually

The KEY to NAVIGATING this journey is to consistently decode & recode to ACTIVATE & INFUSE LIGHT

When you infuse Light everyday, you'll:

Open up your Higher gifts

of healing, psychic abilities channelling, creativity, higher communication & reconnection to the Light

Resonate an Inner Power

so you can feel empowered, confident & successful in all you do

Infuse Light

for the activation of your Destiny Codes so you can step onto your destiny path

Release blockages

and past life woundings that have have held you back from owning your spiritual power


your unique knowledge & awareness with clarity & power

Reconnect to Spirit

embody faith & trust, have courage in yourself & live your truth

Remember, there is only one MAGICAL YOU

and you hold all the codes deep inside of you!

This is why you came here.

To shift from 3D to 5/7D to birth NEW Earth.
But only YOU can do this. No ONE else can do this for YOU.

New Earth CAN ONLY Birth THROUGH you.

  • Shift your frequency & consciousness
  • Embodiment & shifts of identity
  • Activate your Lightbody & Merkaba codes
  •  Step out of your comfort 
  •  Trust yourself, Your Visions, Your Dreams & Your SOUL  
  • Birth your gifts & then share them with the WORLD

This is your Sacred Inner Goddess Journey

It's a magical journey of BECOMING – tapping into the infinite possibilities available & co creating with the Universe

This is the SACRED Space I hold inside
the Earthstar Temple

A high frequency crystalline vortex where you're suspended & held so you can birth, anchor and embody your NEW EARTH ASCENSION CODES

In the Temple you have frequency meditations, transmissions & activations that you can access 24/7.

 Monthly ceremonies and cosmic upgrades for consistent recalibration into the crystalline matrix.

Sacred site transmissions and activations to access specific spiritual technology and quantum technology to birth and share your gifts with the world, shifting you at the very core of your essence - your divine blueprint.

Ready to unlock your Light codes & Manifest Your
new Earth Reality?

The 3 Keys for manifesting Your New Earth Reality 




Discover Your New Earth Vision, Purpose & Souls Impact in the World

 To Manifest your New Earth Reality & Wildest Dreams you need to get crystal clear on your Vision, Purpose & Big Picture Perspective!

You see without a clear vision and intention you're like a butterfly in a storm!

Easily thrown off course by outside events, other people & negative energy. 

As the 3D world collapses around us, collectively a lot of negativity, chaos and fear is released. Our very foundations shaken to the core - our health, finances, relationships, work & family life. 

With no Vision or clarity around your purpose and larger context it's so easy to get caught up in the collapse of chaos instead of riding the wave of the REBIRTH

AND With no solid Higher SElf Vision you'll naturally default to your subconscious self limiting 3D paradigms & patterning.

Which keeps you stuck and looping in a negative energy spiral

This is why the first KEY is to discover, gain clarity & refine your Big Picture Vision

BUT you'll want your vision to be birthed from the highest possible Frequency and NOT from your ego, fears and self doubt! 

This is why inside the Earthstar Temple you'll instantly get access to my  North Star Vision Quest workshop 

It's a potent 5 week course of cosmic teachings, Lightcodes & Transmissions channeled to support you to align to your Highest Self Vision & potential through attuning to the energy of the North Star

So that your vision is birthed through guidance from Higher Channels (Highest Self + North Star) and not your limited subconscious beliefs

This Vision Quest workshop is $144 but you'll get free access as a member inside the Earthstar Temple

With your Vision Quest anchored you'll have a powerful big picture vision guiding you, enabling you to navigate the day to day challenges with so much more ease and grace

You'll be connected daily to this Higher Consciousness & Big Picture Vision through which your thoughts, emotions and actions co create & craft your New Earth reality filled with Abundance, Joy, Peace & Love

This is your first KEY

some of Chloe's High-Frequency Meditations inside the Temple

Inside the  Temple Monthly Membership we offer 3 tiers of energetic support, activations & transmissions


Create powerful intentions to consciously co create your New Earth reality. Feel nourished and nurtured on a daily level with 50+ frequency meditations to shift your feelings and thoughts to a higher vibration. 


Accelerate your ascension journey with everything in the Sanctuary tier + monthly ceremony & cosmic healing upgrades for recalibration, realignment & expansion.

Activate your multi dimensional self with keys, codes & high frequency light from Sacred Sites all over the world with Chloe's unique Crystal Merkaba Grid technology

This is our most popular option


Share your gifts with the world by mastering the internal energetics needed to sustain a 5d business 

This is your next step in your self mastery journey. It's a journey of sovereignty, birthing & owning your gifts, manifestation & abundance. 

This takes a whole new level of mastership where you create your living temple by manifesting through your gifts 




Jemma I joined the Earthstar Temple a couple of weeks ago and wow it’s just AMAZING! I kept being drawn to it and just thought it’s meant to be and I am just loving it!


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Jiitenko I can't tell you have much this membership helps me! When joining the Earthstar Temple, suddenly, everything I had learnt about spirituality fell into place. Chloe’s voice is so harmonious and filled with high frequency and I can’t tell you have much this membership helps me. Meditation is so much more enjoyable and the Merkaba Grid Journeys are so healing.


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Athena Chloe's amazing divine gifts as a light bearer, makes her the best mentor I know… and I’ve known quite a few on my spiritual path. I just love her and all that she offers.


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Katrina Like No Other Experience I Have Had! These activations are deep, mysterious & profound. I have been working as a professional psychic & healer for 20 years but this work Chloe is offering in the Earthstar Temple is like no other experience I have had


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Workshops & Masterclasses by Chloe

Choose your Tier and start Your Temple Journey


Daily Nurture

  • 50+ activations & meditations ($1,100)
  • Monthly Sacred Circle Ceremony ($120)
  • North Star Vision Quest Workshop ($144)
  • Sacred Journey Archetypes Guide ($97)
  • New Earth Collective Community
  • + New Meditations added monthly



total value ($1608)


activations &
energy updates

  • 50+ activations & meditations ($1,100)
  • North Star Vision Quest Workshop ($144)
  • Sacred Journey Archetypes Guide ($97)
  • New Earth Collective Community
  • + New Meditations added monthly
  • 20 + Crystal Merkaba Grid Journeys ($9,999)
  • New Earth Manifestation Vortex Workshop ($111)
  • Spiritual Workshops & Mini Masterclass's ($2,600)
  • Live Monthly Transmission & Activation with Chloe ($111/month)
  • Monthly Holographic Blueprint Alignment  ($120)



TOTAL VALUE ($14,000)



  • 50+ activations & meditations ($1,100)
  • North Star Vision Quest Workshop ($144)
  • Sacred Journey Archetypes Guide ($97)
  • New Earth Collective Community
  • + New Meditations added monthly
    20 + Crystal Merkaba Grid Journeys ($9,999)
  • New Earth Manifestation Vortex ($111)
  • Monthly New Moon Healing Upgrade ($120/month)
  • Spiritual Workshops & Mini Masterclass's ($2,600)
  • Live Monthly Call with Chloe ($111/month)
  • Divine Soul Business Accelerator Program ($2,222)
  • Quantum Manifestation 2.0 Program ($2,222)
  • Evergreen Energetics Workshop ($350)
  • New Earth Healer Codes ($111)
  • Weekly Holographic Blueprint Sessions ($5,772)



total value (£24,000)

payment plans starting at $555

Your 3 steps to Anchoring Your New Earth Codes 

STEP ONE - Discover Your New Earth Vision & Nurture Your Soul 

(Available on all plans)

You know deep down that you're a powerful being of Light.

You came here to support the birthing of the New Earth.

But to fully tap into your  co-creatrix power you first need to get crystal clear on your Vision, Purpose & Divine Mission!

You see without a clear vision and intention you're like a butterfly in a storm!
Easily thrown off course by outside events & others

If you have no Vision or clarity around your purpose you'll default to your subconscious self limiting 3D paradigms & patterning

And no one wants that!

This is why I was guided to bring through the North Star Vision Quest. A potent 5 week course of cosmic teachings, Lightcodes & Transmissions channeled to support you align to your highest self Vision &  potential 

When you join the Earthstar Temple, irrespective of which plan you are on, we start you straight away with this popular North Star Vision Quest workshop. This Vision Quest alone is $144 but you automatically get this as part of your Temple journey. To discover more about the Northstar Vision Quest go here

Once you have completed your Vision Quest you can then continue to nurture your Soul with daily frequency meditations to shift frequency rapidly & stay aligned to higher vibrational energy

STEP TWO - Tap into your Manifestation Abilities, Activate Codes, Receive Monthly Healings & Accelerate Your Destiny 

(activate & impact only)

You're ready to activate, accelerate & manifest.

Consciously co create & activate Light codes to accelerate your ascension journey 

On the Activate & Impact plans you'll receive the New Earth Manifestation Vortex workshop. Potent light encoded transmissions & activations to shift your energy field, amplify your manifestation powers & stand in your power as a divine empowered Soul. This will initiate a vortex of upward spiralling energy to create manifestation momentum & magic

You'll also have access to profound sacred teachings and light codes from sacred sites all over the world. These mystery teachings will take you to your next level on your ascension journey not only in your awareness and knowledge but also in your capacity to step into your power & accelerate your Destiny. These journeys create immersive experiences which take you deep within to access your inner power & divinity

You'll also receive monthly healings & ceremonies to realign, recalibrate & supercharge your energy field. This is a must for those who are passionate about their spiritual journey and who wish to receive regular high frequency energy to stay aligned with the continual ascension upgrade waves. 

STEP THREE - Embody Quantum Energetics to Share Your Gifts with the World

( impact plan only)

This is for the Healer, Creator &/or  Spiritpreneur. As you anchor deeper into New Earth you'll feel drawn to create your own living temple by manifesting with your gifts & abilities. This takes you to a whole new level of sovereignty, leadership & spiritual growth. 

You'll feel called to take this next step in your self mastery journey through discovering/birthing/refining your higher gifts/abilities and manifesting higher levels of abundance & manifestation.

This is about creating a life where you're of service & creating impact in the world. Through this you create a higher level of abundance in your life and literally create heaven on earth.

With the Impact plan you have access to a range of quantum biz transmissions & activations. This is super potent since three quarters of the co creation process is energetic. 

Discover the secrets to going into the invisible realms and bringing it into the invisible world.

 Create manifestation magic, impact & miracles

On the Impact plan you'll have access to the Divine Soul Business Accelerator course - my signature course on Quantum Biz Energetics.  These are key transmissions, codes & energetics that took my passion & service work from barely making a few $100's month to multiply 6 figures biz. Go here to learn more about the Divine Soul Business Accelerator.

You'll also have access to my evergreen energetics workshop where you'll receive the signature energetics involved in an evergreen product & the transmission of the Infinity Codes.

Potent for when you want to sell your courses, books and creations on evergreen so you can separate the energetic link between time & money. This is vital if you wish to succeed with evergreen products as there is so much subconscious patterning you need to clear initially.  

+ you also gain access to my New Earth Healer Codes masterclass for the energetic codes to shift your internal reality & receive the Divine Service Template to create a new grid within your energetic field

Also you'll also receive weekly Holographic Blueprint sessions. 

Ultimately your reality is created through holograms 

Shift your hologram and morphogenetic field to create new energetic grid aligned to your divine blueprint. By working at the very core of your being this creates the energetic foundations through which your new reality can birth.

This is potent & powerful magic

All these transmissions, codes and activations contained within the Impact Plan are essential to co create your new earth biz worlds & realities with ease, grace, joy and flow.

Pushing, hard work, struggle & hustle are all part of the old way of manifestation.

And quite honestly are exhausting - leading to burn out, overwhelm & plateauing your growth

Three quarters of the manifestation process is in the energetics - both the foundational energetics (feelings & thoughts) but also in the quantum (multi dimensional) energetics

In the Impact plan you'll work with & receive both types of energetics (foundational + quantum) to create the most potent energetic blend to supercharge your impact & manifestation powers.

This work is unique as I combine the energetic biz workshops with weekly transmissions 

The impact plan is on a yearly basis because let's face it Rome wasn't built in a day! 

These transmissions and codes need to be absorbed and embodied creating profound energetic shifts & upgrades over time

You have to create your internal architecture first and from that state of BEingness you'll effortlessly magnetise not only your aligned soul tribe but also the perfect structures, tech & strategies 

This is the way of the empowered biz Goddess

Let me share my codes with you 

Crystal Merkaba Grid Journeys by Chloe

Choose your Temple tier


Daily Nurture

  • 50+ activations & meditations ($1,100)
  • North Star Vision Quest Workshop ($144)
  • Sacred Journey Archetypes ($97)
  • New Earth Collective Community
  • + New Meditations added monthly



total value ($1608)