Egyptian Ascension Temples Gridding Tour


A Journey of Lifetimes... 

Join Chloe in this once in a lifetime journey to the Ascension Temples in Egypt. Egypt holds the ASCENSION CODES of advanced spiritual & technological knowledge. 

Temples were placed over sacred grid points and built to amplify, disperse codes, sacred wisdom & access inter dimensional Stargates . These Temples still remain today as powerful  portals to access Stargates, ancient mystery teachings and light codes for the birthing of the New Earth golden age

These Temples are ascension accelerators. Creating QUANTUM LEAPS in your ascension journey. This is a sequencing of ascension codes, one built upon the other. A fusion of lower & higher chakras creating a unified field for the birthing of your DIVINITY CODES.

Working with Chloe's profound CRYSTAL MERKABA GRID TECHNOLOGY you'll be transported through space and time to each one of these sacred ascension grid temples in a set sequence. Triggering the energetic shifts ready for the next infusion.

You'll absorb the codes that the ancient priests, high priestess's, kings and queens had access to, to create rapid shifts in body & consciousness . You'll have the opportunity to receive DIVINELY ORCHESTRATED INITIATIONS for your next ascension upgrade.

This journey is for the uninitiated and masters alike It's your heart and higher self that guides.

Receive powerful ascension upgrades. Recalibrate to the CREATIONAL CODES to activate your Divine Blueprint. Attune to the EGYPTIAN LIGHT MASTERS THOTH, ISIS, SEKMET, OSIRIS & HORUS

Is your Soul calling you on this journey?

Maybe you had past life ancient Egyptian abilities that are waiting to be rebirthed to serve this mass awakening. Maybe you are needing specific codes to download a new Higher Gift

Crystallise your NEW EARTH TEMPLATE & CONSCIOUSNESS to come back into a state of ONENESS & UNITY with all that is

Heart Blessing Introduction & Ceremony

Heart Opening Blessing Ceremony Introduction

Opening Heart Blessing Ceremony

About The Crystal Merkaba Grid Technology

Working with Chloe's profound Crystal Merkaba Grid technology you'll be transported through space and time to each one of these sacred ascension grid temples.

All this is possible from the COMFORT OF YOUR OWN HOME

Giving you the opportunity to ACCESS ASCENSION CODES & TEACHINGS that would normally be only possible whilst physically on location

Because of the mass awakening on this planet Crystal Merkaba Grid technology was birthed - to give more public access to these grid vortex's and stargates along with their corresponding codes and frequencies 

This is a unique way to enable Souls from all over the world to access & download specific keys and codes that normally you would only be able to tap into unless on the physical location

As more Souls infuse these ascension keys and codes the quicker our planet can stabilise into and sustain itself within New Earth

Your Egyptian Gridding Tour itinerary 

Gebel Barkal

Root Chakra : DNA DEcODE/RECODE : PLEIADIAN Stargate : Earthstar Chakra 

We begin this gridding tour at the sacred vortex grid point of Gebel Barkal. This is an ancient mound, temple & numbian pyramid site honoured by the Numbians & Egyptians for many thousands of years. 


released DURING WEEK BEGINNING 22nd August

The Temple of Isis

 Sacral Chakra : Divine Mother : Creation : magic

This Temple connects you to the magic and powers of Isis. 

Journey released during week beginning 12th september

The Temple of Kom Ombo


This Temple is dedicated to two Gods (Horus & Sobek) symbolising the duality of our Higher & Lower self.
Navigate your emotional and mental energetics to shift frequency and hold higher crystalised light vibrations

Journey released week beginning 26th September

The Temples of Karnak


This Temple is coded with teachings on creation, oneness, holograms and divine blueprint.
Attune to these frequencies to rapidly shift your consciousness, view the bigger picture and activate your divine blueprint

Journey released during week beginning 10th October

The Temple of Dendera


Download codes from the Goddess Hathor essential to your new earth template

Journey released week beginning 24th October

The Temple Luxor


Infuse your lower and higher chakras to shift your blueprint and activate your self mastery & divinity codes.
These codes are beyond sovereignty.
These codes take you from sovereignty and leadership of self into Divinity

Journey released during week beginning 7th Novemeber

The Temple of Abydos


Activate inter dimensional codes for transformation & healing

Journey released during week beginning 5th December

The Great Pyramid of Giza Complex


Crystalise your Lightbody for inter dimensional travel

Journey released End of December

Upgrade your Ascension Codes now

Current Planetary Grid Shifts

Lionsgate Portal - Rapid Influx of Sirian Energy

As  high crystalline frequencies filter into the grid they alter the very fabric of the Universe

These frequencies initially come through the grids of the planet especially Sacred Sites and then ripple out into the surrounding areas

Sirian frequencies essentially create massive steps in evolutionary consciousness 

These are the frequencies that are always behind quantum leaps in humanity collectively and individually 

They create deep states of purification, third eye awakenings & heart expansion ultimately in support of birthing your divinity

This is one of the reasons why these Temple journeys may  

change slightly in terms of which Temples visited and codes coming through depending on the current energetics, collective energy and our Soul group.

In the lead up to each journey Chloe will be tuning into those grid locations in relationship to the collective to channel through exactly what is required both for our Soul group and the planet currently

what you'll receive

7 Egyptian Temple Crystal Merkaba Grid Journey's with Chloe

Stargate portal experiences & ancient egyptian mystery teachings  

Ascension & Divinity Codes

Contribute to the energetic birthing of New Earth

Available access for 6 months