The Reconnection

Equinox Gateway Ceremony 2023

Spiritual Lineage : Higher Self Manifestation : Higher Flow State

20th March 8pm UK time 2023

Deepen your Connection to your Spiritual Lineage for Channelling, Higher Guidance, Higher Flow States & Aligned New Earth Offerings

As Saturn enters into Pisces at the beginning of this month along with Pluto into Aquarius we're going to experience a huge shift in energy

Our planet is rising again in frequency and we're all being called to rise with her

This is a profound gateway we are travelling through

Each one of us invited to reconnect at a deeper level to our spirituality, our spiritual lineage and spiritual gifts for Higher Guidance, Divine Flow & the highest expression of our New Earth Offerings

It's a Recalibration, Realignment & Ultimately a Divine Reset


This Equinox gateway opens up very fast moving energy

One of our main challenges going forward will be to stay in that higher flow state


Manifestation through your gifts, contributions and service are Soul aligned offerings to the world 


This is why a deeper connection & recalibration to your spiritual team & the ownership and empowerment of this process means you can serve in more potent & impactful ways 

A Divine Reset

This LIVE online ceremony is unlike anything you've ever experienced before

Facilitated over the Equinox, with the energy of the planet coming into an absolute state of balance, Chloe will hold this potent energetic space for you to recalibrate, realign and reset to a whole new frequency and new spiritual beginning

This will be facilitated remotely on her Sacred Site land in the Heart of England

Channeling through the frequencies of Transference Healing as well as her Merkaba Grid & Holographic Blueprint technology you'll be taken on an interdimensional journey to decode any disconnection from your spiritual lineage & gifts, experience an expansion into the divine hologram as well as connecting to the alchemical forces of tree magic to rejuvenate & revitalise your body as it goes through the necessary upgrades

It's an opening up and a resetting of your entire state of BEING

How does it work?

Once you purchase your ticket you'll receive a welcome email with a zoom link and also access to the replay page.

Please keep this email safe for easy access.

The Ceremony is on Monday 20th March at 8pm UK time.

Don't worry if you cannot make it live as you'll be called in etherically and have access to the replay for 3 weeks.

What you'll receive ....

LIVE Channellings 

Divine Channelings, Activations & Transmissions during the Equinox Ceremony

Merkaba Activation

Travel to Uluru - an interdimensional grid point for connection to your spiritual lineage & gifts

Tree Alchemy

Revitalise & Rejuvenate your body with the alchemical forces of Tree Magic. Clear depletion, energetic cords & resource your etheric body


Experience this spiritual technology to shift your personal hologram 

Hey Love, I am Chloe 

I am passionate about supporting Souls to step into their spiritual power, activate their gifts & fast track their ascension journey

I understand what it really takes to anchor your spiritual gifts and the journey of empowerment it takes you through

I hold sacred space through my Temple membership & workshops for your empowered ascension journey