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frequency meditations

Working with these frequency meditations will support you to clear & release wounded Heart Master codes so you can shine your Light out into the world. Listen to these meditations as often as you feel guided.

  • heart acceptance

  • relax & let go

  • absolute balance


absolute balance merkaba meditation

Perfect when you're feeling unbalanced, out of sorts or overwhelmed

sacred site journeys

Sacred sites contain codes, keys and templates that will over time enable you feel your inner strength, gain peace of mind and embrace who you truly are. Travel inter dimensionally through time & space to access these sacred portals and vortex's with Chloe's unique Crystal Merkaba Grid technology.

Discover mystery school teachings and experience the magic of other worlds & dimensions.Listen to these journeys whenever you feel guided.

divine feminine & third eye activation

The Third Eye Chakra is associated with Higher Consciousness, Psychic Powers, Increased Clarity & Connection to the Spiritual Realms

return of the divine mother

Connect to the frequencies of the Divine Mother - Ain Soph

crystals for the heart master

Crystals are powerful lightworker tools.
They hold specific frequencies that when tapped into energetically can create profound alchemy in your body & consciousness

Watermelon Tourmaline

Heart, Balance, Love


Heart, Forgiveness, Emotions

Mother of Pearl

Mother, Sea, Protection


Love, Compassion, Healing

Absorb the crystalline properties of that crystal by listening to the Crystal Meditation

affirmations for the heart master

 I love myself unconditionally. I joyfully hold a loving space for myself first knowing that this allows me to support others deeper"

animal magic totems 

Animal Totems are powerful beings. You can work with these totems daily to help you shift your frequency and tap into your gifts.

* Animal Magic Cards by Alexis Cartwright available in our shop

Step 1

Choose one the cards below

Step 2

Connect to the energy of the card and ask to pull in the energy of that being to support you throughout the day