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The Higher Heart Manifestation Sequence

Channelled from the Holy Grail Vortex Grid over the Lionsgate Portal 2023, this sequence of six transmissions and activations will support your New Earth Manifestations through the Higher Heart, tapping into the frequencies of LOVE, JOY, ABUNDANCE & PASSION.

The sacred Holy Grail landscape around Rennes le Chateau & Rennes les Bains, SW France, has embedded sacred geometry including a Venus Pentagram Temple and a Star of David, as well as stargates and inter dimensional Sirian & Pleaidian portals.

The sacred Ascension Codes available through these activations and transmissions via this grid point, take you deeper into the heart chambers & activate your Higher Heart chakra, infusing your creative & spiritual abilities with the potent frequencies of LOVE, JOY & PASSION.

This is the ultimate way to manifest New Earth: by becoming the GRAIL, the vessel through which the Divine flows.

Sequence One

The Holy Grail Activation

Channelled on location at Alet les Bains, SW France

 Higher Heart Chakra Awakening/Deepening

Holy Grail Activation

Sequence Two

The Dragons of Rhedae Activation

Channelled on location at Rennes le Chateau, SW France

Divine Will & Heart Empowerment

Dragons of Rhedae Activation

Sequence Three

The Holy Spring Purification 

Channelled on location at Rennes le Bains, SW France

Holy Purification & Release

Holy Spring Video

Transmission & Activation 

Holy Spring Purification

Sequence Four

The Goddess Isis High Throne Activation

Transmission & Activation 

Channelled on location at Rennes Les Bains, SW France 

Receive your next level Higher Heart Lightcodes from this ancient initiatory Goddess site. 

Goddess Isis High THrone Transmission

Goddess Isis High Throne Activation

Sequence Five

The Venus Temple Activation

Transmission & Activation 

Channelled over the astrological Venus Star Point  from La Pique, the epicentre of a sacred land pentagram formed by 5 peaks in SW France

Plant your New Earth seeds into this potent manifestation vortex created by the cosmic frequencies of the Venus Star Point in the Sky and the Earth frequencies of the Venus Temple on the land.  

Venus Temple Transmission 

Venus Temple Activation

Sequence Six

The  Integration & Embodiment

A recap of the six SEQUENCES + the core aspects of your embodiment journey


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