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The Lionsgate Portal

Holy Grail Vortex

Higher Heart : Sacred manifestation : Divine Sovereignty

 Transmissions & Activations from the Holy Grail Vortex Grid 

Rennes le Chateau & Rennes les Bains, SW France

Right Now this series of activations is £88 but will go up to £222 shortly

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We are now in the Lionsgate Portal & about to enter the Venus Star Point.

The Lionsgate was to RECEIVE codes for creating New Earth whilst the Venus Star Point is for planting those seeds for Manifestation through love, passion & creativity

All activations channelled on location in SW France 

About the 2023 Lionsgate Portal 

Every year the Lionsgate portal opens from 26th July 

Reaching its peak on the 8:8


The 8:8 taps into the energy of REBIRTHManifestation & DIVINE SOVEREIGNTY 

This year the Lionsgate Ascension Codes are focused on REBIRTH into the Higher Heart for manifestation through your gifts and talents in alignment with Divine Will

This is the ultimate way to MANIFEST - the NEW EARTH way!

As you go deeper into the heart chambers & activate your Higher Heart chakra your creative & spiritual abilities are infused with the potent frequencies of LOVE, JOY & PASSION

When manifesting from this energetic space of your Higher Heart you become the GRAIL, the vessel through which the Divine flows through YOU

Like any grail seeker, there is a myriad of initiations, light infusions & shifts of consciousness you need to navigate & embody on this Divine Journey

Some of these include;

Activating Your Higher Heart Chakra

Unifying your Heart & Brain

Tapping into Divine Will

Manifesting through the Higher Heart

Moving from Inner Authority to Divine Sovereignty

These Holy Grail keys, codes & frequencies are available to all but there are certain grid points on this planet where they are easier to access & download & in general are more potent!

One of these sacred grid locations is the Holy Grail Vortex in South West France

It's a sacred place where many spiritual pilgrims are intuitively guided to 

About this Sacred Grid in SW France 

This sacred grid location is homeland to the Cathars, the origin of the DaVinci Code legend and many myths & mysteries including the Holy Grail, Ark of the Covenant, buried treasure, Mary Magdalene, Holy Family and Knights Templars.

This sacred landscape also has embedded sacred geometry including a Venus Pentagram Temple and a Star of David, as well as stargates and inter dimensional portals including Sirian & Pleaidian.

It truly is a divine goddess portal with potent alchemical properties including thermal & salt springs, holy wells, initiatory caves, mountainous peaks, pure crystalline rivers and deep red earth.

Chloe Cousins


I am passionate about working with the sacred grids of planet earth and supporting Souls to step into their spiritual power, activate their gifts & accelerate their ascension journey

Over the last seven years I've been in a deep embodiment process to anchor through divine technology so I can take my next step in channeling & grid work and enable spiritual awakened souls to fast track their own self mastery journey

The Holy Grail Vortex is one of my most favourite locations on this planet, so much so that we bought a home here. Within a small geographical area it has so much energetic richness & frequencies - whether it be galactic, cosmic, elemental or Christ frequencies

Every year whilst on location at this sacred grid I facilitate transmissions & activations over the Lionsgate portal. It's the perfect location because of the Venus Temple, Isis initiatory sites and Star of David geometry that amplify the potency of the frequencies coming through

Join me on this Sacred Grid over the Lionsgate Portal

What You'll Receive

Holy Grail Activation

AVAILABLE NOW - Channelled on location at Alet les Bains in preparation for the Lionsgate Ascension frequencies

Listen to this Activation in the lead up, during & after the Lionsgate to energetically support your Higher Heart Chakra

Dragons of Rhedae 

AVAILABLE NOW - Channelled on location at Rennes le Chateau on the 26th July as the Lionsgate portal opened. 

Listen to this as often as guided to deepen access into your heart chambers and step into more embodied states of Divine Will

Divinity Codes Initiation

Channelled on location over the 8/8 for the latest ascension codes from this ancient initiatory Goddess Isis site in Rennes les Bains 

Goddess Isis is connected to Rebirth, Magic & Divine Feminine

integration & Embodiment

Discover ways to enable integration & embodiment of these potent frequencies

This is key because without the integration process you'll struggle hold these new frequencies coming through. Becoming aware of this process and what to look out for is game changing 

PLUS - To complete this series an activation over the Venus Star point from centre of the Venus Temple in SW France

* Please note that due to the instant nature of this workshop there are no refunds. You'll have access to all recordings till the 26th August 

How it Works 

Once purchased you'll receive a welcome email with instant access to Holy Grail Vortex Activation, the Dragons of Rhedae, High Throne Activation, Holy Spring Activation  and any activations and transmissions as they are channelled through on location

You'll have access to all these recordings until the 2nd September but you also have the opportunity at checkout to purchase forever access if you wish to for £22

Your Holy Grail Itinerary


AVAILABLE NOW - Holy Grail Activation 

Channelled on location (Alet les Bains) to activate a deeper heart space for Multi Dimensional access, Divine Rebirth and a purification through the crystalline water in preparation for the Lionsgate opening


available now - Dragons of rhedae transmission -  Empowerment, Divine Sovereignty & Will

Channelled on location at Rennes le Chateau over the Lionsgate Opening & beginning of the Galactic New Year


AVAILABLE NOW - Divinity Code Transmissions & Activation from Ancient Isis Throne

Channelled on location at an ancient initiatory Goddess Isis site in Rennes les Bains over the 8/8 for the latest divine ascension codes for Divine Sovereignty, Manifestation & Ascension Mastery

Released 13th August - Venus Temple Activation

Channelled on location at the Venus Temple, a earth pentagram mapped out by 5 peaks



RELEASED 19th August - Integration & Embodiment

Discover potent ways to integrate and embody these Lionsgate codes & further ways that you can work with Chloe including 1-1 Destiny Mastery sessions, Ascension Vortex container & Chloe's membership - the Earthstar Temple **

** Chloe is also offering 1-1 Destiny Mastery Sessions whilst on this sacred Holy Grail Vortex location when you join her yearly Temple Impact or Ascension Vortex containers. This is on a first come first served basis. 

Love For Chloe's Offers

" Sustained in a higher frequency this week I felt great

I was able to see my life clear and to act from a point of love and understanding instead of a lower frequency emotions "

" I feel the tears and the weight that is lifting off my broken heart ... as the essence permeates deeper and deeper.

So beautiful! "

" This took me incredibly deep. I felt the flow of energies received in the deepest levels of my being.

My body was vibrating and I continue to feel the flow of energies. What a great day to be alive! "

"It's pure magic! I am so excited to be able to offer this amazing opportunity of gridding into this Holy Grail sacred site over the 8:8 portal!" – Chloe