Lionsgate portal Transmission & Initiation

The Lionsgate Portal

Divinity Codes : manifestation : Ascension Mastery

Ceremony, Activations & Transmissions

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INSTANT ACCESS TO 4 TRANSMISSIONs & ACTIVATIONS + Direct Transmission from an Ancient Isis Throne Initiatory Site In Rennes Les Bains, SW France Over The 8:8.

Potent portal for Manifestation & Sovereignty

A Galactic Portal Opening...

Every year the Lionsgate portal opens from 26th July 

Reaching its peak on the 8:8


The 8:8 taps into the energy of Manifestation, Quantum Leaps & Rebirth

It's a potent gateway that activates your heart & third eye chakras as well as opening up your Higher Chakras for psychic downloads & navigating multi dimensional landscapes

It opens up a direct channel to Sirius for the highest purest frequencies of Light & Ascension Codes to filter down onto earth

Tap into the Lionsgate frequencies to activate your divinity codes, Amplify your Manifestation abilities & co create with the universe

The Lionsgate portal is now open

Streams of high pure frequency light are now filtering through into the crystalline matrix where we have the opportunity to tap into these potent divinity, abundance & ascension codes

Quantum leaps in consciousness & manifestation abilities are possible

Everyone has access to these codes but not everyone knows how to amplify & integrate these codes within their energetic system

To do this you need to clear and open up your third eye chakra as this is where the Light codes enter into your etheric system 

AND you also need to know how to navigate the purification process that is activated through these Light Codes

This is such a powerful gateway to support each one of us take those quantum leaps that I felt guided to channel a collection of potent transmissions, activations and teachings  to amplify & navigate this gateway

The transmissions & activations for this Lionsgate portal all support you to open up, purify and allow these codes to filter more into your body & consciousness

Instant Access Lionsgate Transmissions & activations

( These transmissions & activations will support you in the lead up to the 8:8 - the peak of the Lionsgate )


Four Body Alignment Meditation

This will support all 4 bodies to realign and recalibrate to allow a greater flow of cosmic frequencies to filter all the way down into your cellular body. If you don't have the energetic alignment then the Light codes cannot fully manifest through. 


Ceremony with Transmissions & Activations

Energetically support yourself throughout the gateway with this Ceremony, purification teachings & light encoded transmissions and activations. Receive a Transference Healing advanced sequence to create absolute balance within all four planes. In the lead up to the 8:8 purification & balance are key themes. 


Third Eye Activation

Listen to this channelled third eye activation to clear etheric density and energetic blocks in your third eye to allow more light codes to filter through into your body. 


Manifestation Transmission

Listen to this short manifestation transmission to recalibrate and realign your abundance codes. Opening up to receive from a consciousness of abundance & wealth will amplify and create quantum leaps in your manifestation abilities


8:8 Divinity Code Transmission & Activation from Ancient Isis Throne

Receive these potent codes from an ancient initiatory goddess Isis site in SW France over the peak 8:8. This is an initiation into the Divinity Codex.

* Please note that due to the instant nature of this workshop there are no refunds. You'll have access till the 26th August once the Lionsgate is fully closed

8:8 Lionsgate Peak point - Manifestation, Quantum leaps & Rebirth

8:8 Gateway

This is the absolute peak of the Light downloads and this day connects you to the energy of Manifestation, quantum leaps & Rebirth

It's a powerful combination of the Infinity Code, Sirian Technology & Astrology

Creating quantum leaps in areas of abundance, wealth & achievement

There is a deep sense of Rebirth and the ability to co create with the Universe creating infinite possibilities over this 8:8 peak point

Receiving transmissions over this peak point especially if on or connected to a Sacred site that is alchemically aligned to these frequencies is so potent!

Receive a Direct Transmission from An Ancient Isis TEmple, SW France

The throne of Isis is located high up in an ancient forest in Rennes les Bains, SW France.
It's an ancient Isis initiatory stone -

a cosmic Stargate that propels you into galactic realms.

Recieve & listen to the transmission & activation from the Isis Throne, Rennes les Bains sacred grid point.

This sacred site is an
ancient Isis Temple site and one of the reasons Mary Magdalene was drawn to this area of France.

It's also homeland to the Cathars, the origin of the Davinci Code legend and many myths & mysteries including the Holy Grail and Knights Templars.

It's part of a much larger landscape called the Venus Temple, a sacred geometry pentagram etched into the landscape creating a divine Goddess portal.

Connect to this ancient goddess site 

Isis's teachings include Creation, Rebirth & Transformation

"It's pure magic! I am so excited to be able to offer this amazing opportunity of gridding into this potent Isis sacred site over the 8:8 portal!" – Chloe

5 Instant Access Activations including a Transmission& Initiation from an ancient goddess Isis Temple, SW France