Crystal merkaba Grid® journey

The Transfer of Power & Sovereignty

London Stone, City of London, England

 Eclipses serve as quantum upgrades supporting us as individuals and as a collective towards our future destiny

This upcoming eclipse portal includes the transfer of Power & Sovereignty

I've recorded an audio here  

About London Stone Grid Vortex 

 Join me in this potent online journey to the London Stone vortex

  • Soul retrieval and clearing karmic contracts related to power
  • Energetic support to step into your new emerging Lightworker role 
  • Tap into the Dragon Codes to embody Divine Will
  • Support to clear power dynamics and a shift in identity 
  • Unlock the Power within YOU
  • Understand the  role of initiations and sustaining personal energy
  • Discover the significance of the London Stone, the Mithras Temple & the Dragons
  • Receive infusions of light to activate the Warrior within 

Who is this Crystal Merkaba Grid® Journey For?

  • You're passionate about your spiritual journey & feel ready to work at a deeper level
  • You feel drawn to be of service & support the current planetary grid shifts 
  • You're ready to step into your next level of spiritual empowerment
  • You know you have a role to serve on this planet and you feel the universe is asking you to shift
  • You may feel this grid point is calling you, even though you don't know why - trust your intuition and allow it to unveil over time

How Do CRystal Merkaba Grid® Journeys work?

 Sacred sites are powerful vortex's of Light where hidden portals exist into other worldly dimensions. This is why the ancients would travel thousands of miles to visit sacred sites as well as build Temples, Stone circles & Pyramids at these grid points.

They understood the power of these sacred places for healings, activations, merkaba travel, Lightbody activations and tapping into sacred/hidden knowledge.

In a Crystal Merkaba Grid® Journey you travel through time & space to an inter dimensional portal located at that sacred site. Through this portal you'll absorb specific light frequencies, activate codes & create alchemical shifts in your body & consciousness.

Each journey is between 60-90 minutes long and includes Light transmissions, downloads & channelings specific to that Sacred Site.

You have Two Options to Access this Solar Eclipse Transmission & Crystal Merkaba Grid® Journey


Crystal Merkaba Grid® Journey Only

  • Crystal Merkaba Grid® Journey to London Stone ($333) 

One off payment $333


(Best Value)

 Instant access to Ascension tools & Workshops to use in your daily rituals & embodiment practices inside our Temple community + ALL Chloe's Crystal Merkaba Grid® Journeys including London Stone

  • Crystal Merkaba Grid® Journey to London Stone ($333)
  • 60+ Light Encoded Activations ($1400) 
  • Monthly Full Moon Temple Ritual ($97)
  • North Star Vision Quest Workshop ($555)
  • Online Oracle Cards
  • Spiritual Gifts & Challenges Workshop ($111)
  • Monthly Frequency Recommendations
  • Monthly New Moon Ascension Upgrade + Live Call ($197)
  • 20+ Crystal Merkaba Grid® Journeys ($6,500)
  • Spiritual Workshops & Masterclass's ($1,200)
  • Manifestation Vortex Workshop ($333)
  • Monthly Holographic Blueprint Sessions®($111)

Worth over $11,000 if bought separately

$111 monthly

You can cancel any time



Simple, fast and effective flexible move

  • Working time 24/7 all days
  • Min 15 team members
  • Superfast wifi



Simpler, faster and  more effective flexible move

  • Working time 24/7 all days
  • Min 16 team members
  • Superfast wifi
  • Flexible hours



Simple, fast and just for you

  • Working time 24/7 all days
  • Free Tea & Coffee
  • Min 18 team members
  • Superfast wifi

What our Earthstar Temple members are saying ....

Want to know more about option two and Join our Temple membership?

Being an Earthstar Temple member is a path of devotion, passion & commitment to your ascension journey 

You have a deep yearning to deepen your connection to your inner power and feel drawn to prioritising your spiritual growth knowing that your consciousness & frequency is ultimately what creates your reality

And you know that only YOU that can make that shift!

Inside the Temple you'll be sustained in higher frequencies of light with proven ascension technology to support you every step of the way. 

No matter where you are in your unique spiritual journey the Temple is there 24/7 for decoding/recoding/realignment for deeper & accelerated change. 

It's your full system ascension tool kit including spiritual biz energetics should you require this level too!

Here are some of the ascension perks you'll receive inside the Earthstar Temple® Membership



Master Your Internal Energetic State

Temple Sanctuary LIBRARY 

Learning introspection and stilling your mind is a key skill to master in your ascension journey.

Work with over 60+ frequency meditations inside the Temple Sanctuary Library to not only still your mind & learn how to go within but also to run high frequency energy for alchemy & shifts of consciousness.

These light encoded activations are not your run of the mill meditations. 

They are quantum encoded and contain specific frequencies to shift your internal state and therefore ultimately your shift frequency and your reality

Ready to Shift Frequency Rapidly?



22+ Crystal Merkaba Grid Journeys

Multi Dimensional Light Codes to Activate your Multi dimensional self 

These Crystal Merkaba Grid® journeys are potent  ascension technology

As a  multi dimensional being of light you'll reach a point in your spiritual growth where you'll feel compelled to infuse higher frequencies & codes of Lght

These codes, keys & templates can be accessed at sacred sites around the planet 

Through Chloe's Crystal Merkaba Grid® technology you have a unique opportunity to not only access these codes but to gain a deeper understanding and awareness of the spiritual technology & sacred knowledge available at this grid locations

Each journey is between 60-120 minutes long and includes Light transmissions, downloads & channelings specific to that Sacred Site.

Also included in each journey is a Merkaba Meditation, Crystalline Grid Light codes & the Transference Healing® frequency*

These journeys are unique to Chloe & her service work to the birthing of New Earth

Which Sacred Sites Are Calling You?


 Monthly Live Channelings  with Chloe  

Monthly Live Transmissions With Chloe

Receive The Latest Ascension Codes & Downloads 

Every month connect with Chloe live as she shares with you the energetics & ascension codes coming through for the planet for the month

This is a potent way for you to keep energetically aligned every month, staying aware of the shifts & new ascension codes & activations coming through. 

With each monthly transmission & channeling you deepen your ability to anchor, stabilise & manifest your New Earth reality


 Monthly Shamanic ACTIVATIONS 

Monthly Shamanic Activation

shift frequency Rapidly with the animal, elemental & Mythical kingdoms 

Each month you'll have access to a brand new Shamanic Activation that works with specific frequencies and energies in alignment with the Full Moon transmissions.


 Chloe works with the spirit assistance from inner earth, animal & mythical kingdoms to purify your energy system at a deeper level. 


 energetic lunar updates 

receive the heads up on the themes & frequencies of each Full & New Moon 

With each moon comes specific energies and frequencies. These lunar vibrations assert a powerful influence on your subconscious & psyche. By tapping into these lunar vibrations you can amplify their clearing and healing effects.


This is another powerful way to tap into your intuition, open up your psyche and tap into your spiritual gifts. The more you can work in this potent way daily, the more you ground in your gifts & abilities


Tune into your intuition daily to refine & Trust your powers 

  Daily Divination Tools  

Fine tune your intuition and enhance your psychic abilities by working with your Luna Divination list on a daily basis.


It's only by practicing & grounding in your divination skills that you amplify & refine your innate spiritual gifts.

Refining these goddess gifts really helps you navigate these challenging times as your intuition cuts through all the noise, understands the bigger picture and has direct connection to your Higher Self


Receive Daily Guidance from the Universe

Online Oracle Cards  

Discover what the Universe has in store for you today, what energies are at play and use these divine prompts as a way to navigate your day for more joy, ease & flow.

Tune into the message & frequencies of the image to open up your intuition & psyche 

These Earthstar Temple Oracle Cards also have 60+ frequency meditations that you can work with daily. 


Join our soul minded community


Gain Exclusive access to our New Earth Collective  

As New Earth births and time lines split, connecting with other like minded souls will be so vital. Your environment creates an impact on you energetically. Having a private community of soul driven, heart open individuals is so nurturing & supportive to your spiritual growth

Hey I am Chloe

I've worked for over thirty years as a spiritual teacher and ascension facilitator

In that time I foundered the Earthstar Temple® as well as anchored my unique ascension technology - Crystal Merkaba Grid® & Holographic Blueprint sessions

I deeply understand the spiritual journey involved in how to tap into & birth your spiritual gifts and support others to do the same as well as the frequency shifts necessary to stablise the foundations of New Earth within yourself & your reality

I am passionate about holding sacred space to activate dormant codes, clear distortions, shift frequency & consciousness in other spiritually aware souls so that they too can live their fullest divine expression on this plane

Plus when you join the Earthstar Temple TODAY you'll receive these Empowering ascension tools

Venus Star Codes 

venus Star Codes, Crystal Merkaba Grid® Journey

Chloe's latest Crystal Merkaba Grid® Journey is focused on a sacred grid location in Paphos, Cyprus - the birthplace of Aphrodite, the Goddess of Love


The planet Venus is very activated right now pulling through frequencies around the Higher Heart, passion, love, self worth & creativity


In this 2 hour long activation discover the origins of the Goddess Aphrodite, why this sacred grid location is so important  for our planet's evolution & download these codes to fully activate your Higher Heart to birth & embody the New Earth frequencies

These codes are essential if you wish to sustain yourself in the higher flow of love, creativity, abundance & spiritual gifts

 Northstar Vision Quest Workshop  

Northstar Vision Quest Workshop 


You know deep down that you're a powerful being of Light. You came here to support the birthing of the New Earth.

But to fully tap into this co-creatrix power you first need to get crystal clear on your vision, purpose & divine mission!

pink butterfly


Manifestation Vortex Workshop 


Potent light encoded transmissions & activations to amplify your manifestation powers
To make the biggest difference in this world, to amplify your impact and manifest your Soul's desires it all comes down to the Mastery of your Inner Self through frequency

It's time to step into your Sovereignty & Power as a Divine Manifestor

 Third Eye Workshop + Activation  

3rd Eye Activation + Workshop 

Enhance your intuition, receive inner guidance & awaken your psychic abilities. In this workshop Chloe goes into the technology of the third eye and how you can support its divinely orchestrated opening. You'll also receive a third eye activation for awakening/deepening of your third eye powers to embody higher frequencies of Light throughout your body & consciousness to create your new holographic reality   



Jemma I joined the Earthstar Temple a couple of weeks ago and wow it’s just AMAZING! I kept being drawn to it and just thought it’s meant to be and I am just loving it!


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Jiitenko I can't tell you have much this membership helps me! When joining the Earthstar Temple, suddenly, everything I had learnt about spirituality fell into place. Chloe’s voice is so harmonious and filled with high frequency and I can’t tell you have much this membership helps me. Meditation is so much more enjoyable and the Merkaba Grid Journeys are so healing.


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Athena Chloe's amazing divine gifts as a light bearer, makes her the best mentor I know… and I’ve known quite a few on my spiritual path. I just love her and all that she offers.


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Katrina Like No Other Experience I Have Had! These activations are deep, mysterious & profound. I have been working as a professional psychic & healer for 20 years but this work Chloe is offering in the Earthstar Temple is like no other experience I have had


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