New Earth COdes™ Activation  Kit

Activate Your New Earth Codes, Anchor your New Earth Template & Create Your New Earth Reality


The old 3d world is collapsing to make way for the 5d

This can at times feel chaotic, unsafe & uncertain

Our very foundations are being shaken to the core both from within our own energetic blueprint and also collectively

It's all too easy to focus on the collapse, decay & chaos but this will only make you feel more fearful, vulnerable and overwhelmed

Which then feeds the very paradigms & structures that you wish to release and let go of...

So, how can you find stability in these chaotic times and begin to manifest your deepest soul purpose, your new earth reality?

The key to finding inner peace & stability during this time of global rebirth is to anchor yourself into your new earth template (5d reality) as quickly and as often as possible!

The New Earth Template consists of specific light codes.

These NEW EARTH CODES™ when fully activated create your 5D+ reality. A reality where you're living in a high flow state of Love, Joy, Abundance & Peace.

New Earth is your birthright but you have to clear patterning & awaken dormant codes to do this

You have to shift your energetic frequency because 


As we transition into New Earth as a New Earth Leader you're called to step more into your divine sovereignty to activate your New Earth Codes™


The Good News 

By committing to working with spiritual tools DAILY that have specific energy encoded within them you fast track your empowerment journey & start to serve the world in a more powerful & meaningful way

It all starts with you!

the internal shifts you make to change your energy field will resonate a new frequency out into the world.

This is how you anchor your New Earth Template & birth your New Earth reality + navigate the current outer chaos and collapse of old 3D structures

As a New Earth lightworker you want to feel empowered, successful, and able to serve the world with your spiritual gifts

By activating and embodying your New Earth Codes™ you can begin to sustain yourself in a higher vibration and energetic flow state

This is why I created the New Earth Codes™ Activation Kit 

Let's Dive deeper

IN THE New Earth Codes™ Activation  Kit

New Earth Codes™ Activation MasterClass

In this enlightening & profound masterclass discover what the New Earth Codes™ are & how to activate them to navigate this current planetary collapse and rebirth


This masterclass is over 1 hour 20 mins long and will give you a big picture understanding and awareness of the energetics required to activate your New Earth codes™ and begin to embody your New Earth reality.

Gain more peace, inner stability & strength as you connect the dots and move forward with clarity & a sense of greater purpose

New Earth Visioning

Open up your visioning abilities to gain more clarity around your New Earth reality.  

Tap into the frequencies of openness, receptivity and gratitude for any Divine guidance that comes through to you.

This frequency transmission is perfect for:

  • Gaining more clarity & focus on your New Earth Vision
  • Supporting your Divine purpose & next steps of aligned action 
  • Opening up your faith & trust to infinite potentialities
  • Strengthening your manifestation abilities 

Anchoring You New Earth Template

Experience Chloe's unique Crystal Merkaba Grid Journey technology to travel energetically through space and time to the sacred grid vortex, Mount Shasta, USA to crystallise the new 5d holographic consciousness into your reality

Work with this activation for:

  • Purification and decoding initiations, supporting you to release and clear that which is limiting you
  • Anchoring & embodying your New Earth template & frequencies of manifestation, co-creation and expansion 
  • Opening and purification of the Third Eye Chakra to crystallise higher frequencies of light
  • Tapping into the Zero Point energy to re-write your energetic blueprint  

Third Eye Activation 

This Third Eye activation supports the divinely orchestrated opening of your Third Eye Chakra. 

This is a prerequisite to anchoring your spiritual gifts

This frequency meditation will enable you to:

  • Releasing distortions or density in the 3rd eye chakra 
  • Embodying higher frequencies of light throughout your body & consciousness
  • Working with the frequencies of amethyst to charge & rebalance the 3rd eye chakra  
  • Creating your new holographic reality 

New Earth Gifts Activation

One of the main aspects to New Earth is discovering what makes you unique and embodying that energy signature into your gifts & talents

This takes courage, self confidence & aligned action

  • Building trust, confidence and courage in your unique abilities, gifts and talents. 
  • Feeling love and compassion for the totality of who you are and who you are becoming
  • Encouraging you to follow your heart, take action and know that the Universe supports you 

Manifestation Magic

Harnessing your manifestation powers with conscious intent is one of the New Earth Codes. We are all manifestors. It's just that most souls manifest from their lower vibrational self. In this frequency meditation learn how to clear lower vibrational blocks to co-create your New Earth reality

  • Clear distortions & blocks that have limited your ability to manifest
  • Expand & rejuvenate your solar plexus chakra to raise your frequency & create your new etheric templated reality
  • Clear cords & hook ins that are keeping you stuck at a lower vibration & depleting you
  • Weaving new intentions into your holographic grid

New Earth Collective

Join our exclusive New Earth Collective. 

Surround yourself with high vibrating souls to empower yourself & stay connected, focused and living your New Earth reality

7 Day No Questions Asked Money Back Guarantee

Hey Love, I am Chloe 

I support awakened Souls to step into their spiritual power, activate their gifts & fast track their ascension journey

Over the last 30 years I have worked with thousands of clients empowering them to take their next step in their ascension journey to create more impact in the world

The ability to anchor your New Earth Template and activate your New light codes is not only a key aspect to your spiritual growth BUT also a way for you to navigate the current global collapse & rebirth

This is why I created the New Earth Codes™ Activation Kit  to activate dormant codes, clear distortions, shift frequency & consciousness so you can live your fullest divine expression

Wherever you are in your ascension journey there is always a next step, the next upgrade along with a further anchoring of your New Earth Template & Codes

What are you waiting for? 

Love Chloe

What others say About Chloe's Work  ........

"The merkaba meditation has made a profound difference in just the 3 days I have been doing it.

"I was transported deeply ... this is authentically Sacred. Thank you Chloe for connecting me so eloquently back to my lineage"

"I've been doing your meditations and I am completely blown away by their power. My entire energy system is shifting! 

"Thank you your meditations have been life changing

"Wow, such a beautiful meditation. I can really feel the energy transformation - they are so powerful

"The merkaba meditation has made a profound difference in just the 3 days I have been doing it