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Chloe has carefully curated a selection of her most popular New Earth Activations & Frequency Meditations from inside her Temple membership.

These Activations & Frequency meditations support you to shift your hologram, consciousness & reality to birth the vibration of NEW EARTH

This kit is $222 in our shop but we would like to offer this New Earth Frequency Shifting Kit to you on this page only for $22.

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What's inside the New Earth Codes Kit


Increase awareness & refinement of your New Earth contributions & service work. In this frequency transmission you'll:

  • Anchor into 5d frequencies 
  • Honour your inner power, courage & passion
  • Tap into the frequencies of joy, bliss and fulfilment in all you do
  • Increasing awareness & refinement of your New Earth contribution & service work


Learn how to clear lower vibrational blocks & co-create your reality through the power of Spider Magic

Perfect for . . . .

  • Clearing the solar plexus chakra of distortion & blocks that have limited your ability to manifest 
  • Expanding & rejuvenating your solar plexus chakra to raise your frequency & create your new etheric templated reality
  • Clearing cords & hook ins that are keeping you stuck at a lower vibration & depleting you
  • Weaving new intentions into your holographic grid


Release 3rd eye distortions & work with the frequency of amethyst to shift your consciousness

Perfect for . . . .

  • Releasing distortions or density in the 3rd eye chakra 
  • Embodying higher frequencies of light throughout your body & consciousness
  • Working with the frequencies of amethyst to charge & rebalance the 3rd eye chakra  
  • Creating your new holographic reality 


Connect to your higher self to create a connection with the divine & radiate your core sense of self out into the world 

Perfect for . . . .

  • Connecting to your deepest core sense of self & feeling it radiate out
  • Releasing feelings of low self esteem and unworthiness
  • Embracing your inner power & sovereignty & not giving your power away to others 
  • Releasing cords or hook-ins so you can radiate light & confidence 


Work with the lunar frequencies, releasing into the light any subconscious emotions held for eons of time.  Create a powerful flow of energy, shift your hologram & co-create your new reality.

Perfect for . . . .

  • Creating greater states of heart/mind unification 
  • Connecting you to your emotions, thoughts and perceptions so you can make conscious choices about what to keep and what to surrender to the light 
  • Re-awakening deeper aspects of your divine feminine energy through the impact of the lunar energies on the water in your body
  • Realigning to who you wish to become and integrating it into your personal blueprint


Discover what the New Earth codes are and how to activate them in your daily life

Perfect for . . . .

  • Creating your New Earth Reality
  • Anchoring more Joy, Purpose & Love
  • Activating your Sovereignty Codes
  • Embodying your Divine sense of self

Birth New Earth through you

Work with this New Earth kit on a daily basis to raise your frequency and shift your consciousness.

These meditations have light encoded frequencies embedded within them to support you to create alchemical shifts and absorb more Light

Join thousands of other Light workers to birth New Earth 

Who is Chloe 

Chloe is a New Earth catalyst & grid channeller who is passionate about empowering others to fulfil their highest Soul’s calling.

She’s empowers spiritually aware souls to fulfil their highest Purpose & Destiny so that they can activate their New Earth codes & share their unique gifts with the world.

She has been featured in the Sunday Times, Kindred Spirit and Spirit & Destiny and has also guested on the Amit Kainth Show and the Wellbeing Festival.

Chloe lives and works from her sacred site in the heart of the UK where she channels and downloads her frequency offerings to support her Temple members and online community.

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