North Star Vision Quest

A Quest to Discover and Anchor Your Highest Self Vision for more peace,stability and ability to manifest your New Earth reality

Supercharge your destiny with Vision,Clarity and
deeper Soul's purpose

you are the
co-creator of your reality

You know deep down that you're a powerful being of Light. You came here to support the birthing of the New Earth.
But to fully tap into this co-creatrix power you first need to get crystal clear on your vision, purpose & divine mission!

maybe you've been feeling...

Disoriented, chaotic and unstable as the old world collapses

Wishing to gain more clarity & direction on your Souls purpose & your gifts

Fearful of moving forwards

Feeling unsure of whether your goals are coming from your Higher Self or your ego

Ungrounded and not clear of your purpose

The old 3D world is collapsing around us & this can at times feel chaotic, unsafe & uncertain. Our very foundations are being shaken to the core both from within our own energetic blueprint and also collectively.

It's all too easy to focus on the collapse, decay & chaos but this will only make you feel more fearful, vulnerable and unmoored.

...Which then feeds the very paradigms & structures that we wish to release and let go of...

So how can you find stability in these chaotic times and begin to manifest your deepest soul purpose, your new earth reality.

as the 3d world collapses the key to finding inner peace & stability is to anchor yourself into your new earth template (5d reality)

The New Earth Template is birthed through you connecting to your North Star vision and consistently placing your focus on this new vibration to ground & anchor it into your energetic architecture and outer reality.

The more aligned & calibrated your intention, vision & goals are to your Highest self the more fulfilled and on purpose you'll be

The New Earth reality is one filled with Abundance, Joy, Peace & Purpose

We each have a part to play in this cosmic birthing of New Earth.
Receiving direct transmissions from the North Star & crafting your vision you'll be able to stay super focused on your mission & purpose and serve the world as you were meant to. Otherwise without a clear vision and intention you're like a butterfly in a storm!
Easily thrown off course by outside events & others

This is why I was guided to bring through the North Star Vision Quest.
A potent blend of cosmic teachings, Lightcodes & Transmissions.

The new way of teaching is not through knowledge (as a society we are on information overload!)

But through direct transmissions & frequency shifting tools. It's the shift in your frequency, perceptions & awareness that will ultimately create your New Earth Reality.

But it all starts with your Intentions & Visions

In this Immersive Vision Quest you'll:

Discover Your North Star

Attune to the North Star to gain deeper clarity on your Highest Self visions & purpose

Create Your Vision Mantra

Stay aligned & focused on your highest version of yourself  daily

Build Your New Earth Template

Build New Earth with your aligned intentions & goals

Shift Your Energetic Blueprint

Shift your old 3d hologram to the universal hologram

Tap into Infinite Possibilities

Tune into higher streams of light to consistently refine your intentions & visions

Join Chloe in this empowering immersive experience of transmissions, cosmic teachings & light codes.  Tune into the frequencies of the North Star to discover & anchor your higher self vision to co create your New Earth Template into your reality & life.

Module One

Discover Your North Star Vision

Connect to your guiding Light North Star to create a sense of stability, calm, vision & purpose. It's only by connecting to your visions and purpose that you can then manifest them. Without vision & purpose you'll struggle to manifest your New Earth.

In this module you'll discover why the North Star was so important to the ancient Egyptians, the closed gates of the Jade pillow & how to access your multi dimensional self

ACTIVATION - North Star Attunement

Recalibrate your energy system to that of Polaris ( North Star) & receive keys, codes and downloads to connect at a deeper level with your Higher & multidimensional self.  Restructure your energetic blueprint around the back of your head, to open up the jade Pillow Gates for brain coherence, integration of mind, body spirit, and unity consciousness

Module Two

Receiving & Crafting Your North Star Vision

Receive energetic guidance, support & insight into your North star vision for your soul's purpose, new earth template & destiny. Start to craft this vision into your North Star Mantra & mission statement so you can connect to it and vibrationally map it with more precision on a daily basis

ACTIVATION - Connect to Your North Star Vision

Connect at a deeper level to your vision so that you can craft your North Star Mantra

Module Three

Becoming A Vibrational Match

Discover how to become a vibrational match to your North Star Vision. Learn the art of Vibrational Mapping so you can accelerate the manifestation of your New Earth Visions & purpose.

ACTIVATION - Vibrational Matching

Resonate at a vibrational level that which you wish to manifest into your reality. The stronger the vibration the quicker the manifestation

Module Four

Importance of Decoding

Tap into this divine feminine power to release deep seated unconscious blocks that have held you back from stepping into your divine sovereignty.

You have to create a vacuum first within your energetic architecture before you can pull in the new. As you clear & release subconscious & hidden blocks you automatically create space for rebirth

ACTIVATION - Transmuting Subconscious blocks

This is a powerful activation that you'll want to listen to often to refine, upgrade and recalibrate your New Earth template

Module Five

Holographic Healing

Access the very core of your blueprint - your hologram. At this level of your being everything is orchestrated via the Goddess. Here you'll find the most magic, miracles & manifestation

ACTIVATION - Holographic Blueprint Templating Procedure.

Shift your 3d hologram & blueprint into the new universal hologram

How it works

Lightcoded Transmissions

Each transmission builds on the last energetically to recalibrate layer by layer your new energetic architecture

Grounded Action

The key is to take daily action so each module is designed to be no longer than 20 minutes

Instant Access

All trainings will be provided inside a dedicated private portal. You'll have access to all the meditations & teachings 24/7 so you can continue your journey of refinement & upgrade

Love for the North Star Vision Quest

Really felt a release in my body

I really felt a release in my body... So wonderful. Old patterns regarding fear of showing vulnerability, fear of getting too close and what will happen if I stand in my own greatness

Such peace and the feeling of being safe

First came the strong feeling of relief & gratitude for life. Then came such peace and the feeling of being safe and the gratitude again

I found myself between time & space

Brilliant crystalline light recalibrated my hologram. I felt so peaceful, calm and purified

Connecting to my Multi Dimensional Tribe

Brought tears to my eyes as I felt a deeper connection to the Light and other light beings

Increased Frequency & Vibration

I felt calm, expansive and magnetic. Helps me no matter where I am to stay connected to this space & vibration

Things started to happen after the first day!

Things started to happen after the first day, relating to my path, purpose, perceptions and relationships. I was able to see my life clear and act from a point of love and understanding instead of lower frequency emotions

frequently asked Questions

Q. I am new to all of this - does this matter?

No, as this is a transmission & frequency based course.

Q. I've been on the Spiritual Path for many years now. Will this course have anything to offer me?

Yes, absolutely.

The frequencies that Chloe channels through support you no matter where you are on your ascension path whether you are just awakening or whether you are a seasoned Master the energy will work for you to support you to take your next step.

Q. How much of my time will it require?

You have lifetime access to this course and so can take it at your own pace
Some of the meditations are only 10 minutes long so easy to fit into your day
Trust your intuition and guidance and to how often to listen and work with these transmissions
It may only be once every week or so or every day
That's up to you and your Higher self