Winter Solstice 2023

Reset : Rebirth : Rejuvenate

Light Encoded transmission

Being a time for reflection, the Solstice gifts us the opportunity to go within, acknowledging the shifts and changes that we have made, it also guides us to see the places where we need to release so we can move forward and rebirth in a really powerful and potent way.

In this light encoded transmission Chloe shares her teachings around the Solstice energies and frequencies and how we can tap into them to quantum leap our spiritual awakening journey.

Energy Mapping for 2024 

2024 is a leap year, bringing so many opportunities for deep shifts, transformation and growth. It’s also a Universal year 8, so the frequencies of balance and harmony, co-creation and leadership are potent.

In this Energetic Mapping forecast, Zoe shares her energetic heads-up for 2024 exploring the key astrological and cosmic influences that will shape the year ahead including the February 29th Leap Year portal and an amplified Lionsgate Portal on 8:8 due to the year 8 energies.

Soul Questing Ritual

Discover this Powerful Soul Questing ritual with Zoe in preparation for the ending of 2023 and the beginning of 2024. It’s a powerful time to release and purify from deep within and then gain clarity around the things you are inspired to bring in for yourself in 2024.

Winter Solstice ACtivation 

Chloe guides you through a fire ritual activation for the clearing of your Solar plexus chakra & activation of your inner dragon.  It's infused with the frequency of Transference Healing® & Holographic Blueprint® technology and is the perfect way to move you from lower stuck energy into co-creator mode

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