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Awaken Cosmic Codes Crystal Grid



Grid Template A4 Base; 

Front side – Flower of Life symbol, with Star of David & cosmos frequencies embedded underneath.

Reverse side – Instructions on how to use the grid layout, with clear quartz frequency embedded underneath

Crystals included in this grid are ;

1 x Crystal Skull

8 x Clear Quartz Madagascan Points

4 x Red Coral

1 x Jet

1 x White Shell

1 x Turquoise

1 x Abalone Shell

4 x Fulgurite

6 x Haematite

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Flower of Life – This symbol resonates out the frequency of unity & unconditional love. It is a universal symbol found throughout ancient civilisations. It supports our awareness to the interconnectedness of everything through the grid.

Star of David – This symbol grounds and anchors higher frequencies of light onto the earth plane. It enables you to bring “heaven on earth” by coding in the higher dimensions of your lightbody.

Clear Quartz Alien Skull – This skull forms the centre piece of the grid. It acts as a transmitter and receiver of higher frequencies of light. Use it to support the crystalization of your body & consciousness. Awaken dormant codes in your dna & alleviate lightbody symptoms.

Turquoise – To the Native Americans, Turquoise is the “fallen sky stone” but yet connects us to the soils of the Earth Mother. It is highly prized for its deeply healing and protective qualities. It rejuvenates & revitalises the physical body by weaving in more refined prana. This then supports the body to be able to absorb higher frequencies of light over time.

Red Coral  – This is another much used stone by the Native Americans. Coral comes from the sea and symbolises our blood. It connects us to our vital force and to the seas of mother earth. It supports us to reconnect to our feelings so we can connect more to our passion and purpose.

Abalone Shell – Embodies all aspects of the water element. It supports the emotional body by releasing blocks and soothing mind, body & spirit. It resonates most with the third eye, heart and solar plexus chakras. On an intuitive level, it helps stimulate psychic development and imagination.

Cowrie Shell – Connects us to the Goddess frequency of fertility, birth & death. Used for centuries in initiation ceremonies and shamanic rituals. It is associated with vitality and longevity and is an essential part of any shamanic medicine bag.

Madagascan Clear Quartz Crystal – Clear quartz is a master crystal and for this grid madagascan quartz was chosen because of its superior clarity & amplification qualities. It strengthens and enhances the energy of all the other crystals, sacred geometry & symbols within the grid.

Fulgurite – Enhances the ability to communicate and connect to other worlds and dimensions. It helps to surrender so you can open up as a channel. It supports the absorption of higher electromagnetic frequencies for lightbody integration. Through integrating your lightbody, over time , this will support the manifestation of your destiny & purpose.

Jet – A great purifier of negative energy – releasing anger, frustration and denser emotions. Through clearing and letting go, higher frequencies can filter down into your body and consciousness evolving your emotions, consciousness & soul.

Haematite – A powerful grounding & protective stone. It is associated with the element earth. It has magnetic qualities and balances out the yin yang energies as well as the meridians & etheric body in general. It dissolves negativity & creates a protective field around shielding you from others projections. It supports the grounding of higher refined frequencies into your body & consciousness.