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Divine Mother Crystal Grid


This is a powerful grid for connecting you to the frequencies of Rebirthing, Alchemy & Rejuvenation, it will support your re-connection to the Goddess for healing and inspiration. 

Crystal grids are a combination of specific crystals, symbols and sacred geometry that blend together to create a unique field of energetic harmony and focus.  Each individual crystal grid resonates its specific energy out into the surrounding environment, creating a higher vibration and new holographic reality around it.  When working, meditating or living in this space you are instantly connected to that energy which enables you to experience the energetic frequency, absorb the vibration and come into alignment with it, so that you resonate at the frequency of the new holographic reality and all its potential.

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Frequencies included in this grid;

Sacred Geometry 

  • Pentagram – This is an ancient symbol used throughout history and different civilisations, for us it represents the Divine Feminine Principle and reminds us of the power and sovereignty of the Goddess energies. 
  • Ain Soph – This means ‘infinite’, ‘without end’.  It symbolises the nature of our birth, life and death and how our essence comes from spirit at birth and then returns to spirit, creating a cycle of energy and light.  


  • Carnelian – This crystal carries a sense of acceptance and trust in the whole death/rebirth process, so that when we are faced with the death of one aspect of ourselves in order to make way for the birth of something new we have the courage to manage the process of transformation. It can also improve motivation and stimulate creativity on any level, which supports the ability to stick to your purpose and overcome negative thinking or self-limiting behaviours. 
  • Clear Quartz Blade of Light – This crystal has a higher vibrational frequency than many other quartz crystals, which makes it perfect for raising your consciousness.  This can support you to come into a state of surrender and introspection, allowing the Divine Feminine energies to flow through you on a deeper level, expanding your consciousness, building your lightbody and birthing your Divinity.
  • Black Moonstone – This crystal energy is associated with the Goddess, the moon, the tides and the cycles of life. It supports the Divine Feminine qualities of intuition, fertility, love and magic and inspires us to follow our dreams. It protects against negativity and contains the alchemy to transmute darkness into light which is key during the purification and rebirthing process.  Being a black moonstone it has an extra focus on the New Moon energy and is especially key around new beginnings, rebirths or transformations. 
  • Nuummite – This energy unites the spiritual and physical realms, allowing us to access our higher wisdom and anchor transformation. It also connects us to the inner earth and elemental realms for rejuvenation, alignment and protection. In this grid it will support you to journey inward for connection to the Goddess, your guides, angels and higher self and to release trapped energies or fears that limit you. 
  • Clear Quartz – This crystal strengthens and enhances the combined energy of the crystals, sacred geometry and symbols contained within this grid.  It amplifies the energy and attunes to the specific vibrational requirements of each person and in this grid it will support your ability to connect to the powerful Goddess frequencies of Rebirthing, Alchemy & Rejuvenation, clearing any blocks that hold you back. 
  • Black Tourmaline – This stone grounds spiritual energy and balances the chakras, bringing the body and consciousness back into alignment. It is an excellent protector, purifying and transmuting negative energies and banishing fear and negative thought patterns that can limit growth on any level of the body and consciousness.  


5 x Carnelian

4 x Clear Quartz “blades of light” points

4 x Black Moonstone

2 x Nuummite

2 x Clear Quartz

1 x Black Tourmaline Clear Quartz

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