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Divine Mother Crystal Grid


This is a powerful grid for connecting you to the Frequencies of Rebirthing, Alchemy & Rejuvenation

Crystal grids are a combination of specific crystals, symbols and sacred geometry that blend together to create an accumulating synergistic effect. Each crystal grid is unique and resonates out into the environment a vibration, creating a holographic-like reality, making it much easier for you & anyone in that space to connect to that energetic potential and absorb its frequency and all those qualities that are associated with it.


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Grid Template Base; 

Front side – Pentagram symbol, with Ain Soph Symbol embedded underneath & Galactic Centre

Reverse side – Instructions on how to use the grid layout, with clear quartz frequency embedded underneath

Crystals included in this grid are ;

5 x Carnelian

4 x Clear Quartz “blades of light” points

4 x Black Moonstone

2 x Nuummite

2 x Clear Quartz

1 x Black Tourmaline Clear Quartz