Quantum Manifestation 2.0 

New Earth Money Manifestation, Impact & Soul Contribution 

Quantum manifestation is for spiritually aware souls, new earth light leaders & lightworkers who wish to break through their abundance blocks & tap into their multi dimensional manifestation abilities to co create New Earth


It's one of the key New Earth Codes and a big aspect to your Ascension Journey


Money, Abundance, PowerSovereignty are intricately linked

The Universe is inviting you to rise up, claim your natural abundance and live in full sovereignty on this planet

The more you do this for yourself the more you give permission to others to do the same and become therefore a DIVINE TEMPLATE for Abundance & living an intentional co creational New Earth reality.

So simple, so why so hard?

Humanity for eons of time has been locked energetically in 3D programs

These matrix's include Scarcity, Fear, Financial Enslavement, Playing Small, Contraction, Feeling Hopeless, Struggle and Working Hard

These are not part of the New Earth codes

Yet we have absorbed these programs so deep within our energetic structure that unless we consciously decode them out of our system they remain locked in place and continue to co create your reality in a disempowering way

I totally understand that because I too was heavily entangled in these 3D scarcity grids

In fact so much so that I didn't even want to look at my abundance or money issues AT ALL!

I just wanted to accelerate my spiritual growth, make an impact and serve in a greater way

BUT what I didn't realise was that money, impact and service are intricately woven together 

By not addressing my internal money programs meant that I wasn't fulfilling my potential and not serving & contributing to this planet, humanity & mother Gaia to the best of my ability!

I felt powerless, unacknowledged and undervalued

Honestly, it didn't matter how hard I worked or what I did

I just didn't feel I was getting anywhere fast in my ability to serve and make a bigger impact in the world


Once I shifted my focus to unifying Money, Abundance, Spirituality & Power within my consciousness, this ALL CHANGED


Then I took it one step further and started to play with it within the Quantum realm - that's when everything quantum leaped for me!

My reality, my business, my impact all quantum leaped!

I went from only having a small community of a few hundred souls to over 50,000! 

I went from earning less than £1k a month to over 6 figures

I was able to retire my husband, move to a beautiful 7 acre sacred site and create an off grid haven

This was all possible because I finally addressed that elephant in the room - the unification of Spirituality & Money


And yet this is what I see play out daily within the spiritual community

It's so dis-heartening, because the very Souls who you would wish to have money so that they could use this resource in powerful aligned ways are the very Souls who struggle the most with this

This is why I am on a mission :)

I want to empower spiritually aware Souls to rise up and break through their current money blocks & limiting beliefs 

Shine your Light inwards to decode, recalibrate & expand then Quantum leap your manifestation abilities to co create New Earth

Quantum Manifestation 2.0 is a unique & potent combination of spiritual technology including Lightbody activations, merkaba meditations, working with powerful grid portals as well as decoding 3D deep subconscious money blocks, working in the quantum field to quantum accelerate your manifestation powers and tapping into your multi dimensional manifestation powers.

Inside Quantum Manifestation

Decode the 3D Matrix 

Shift limiting beliefs & perceptions around money, abundance & spirituality to fully step into your divine potential

Quantum Leap Your Manifestation Abilities

Tap into your multi dimensional powers. Bend space & time, download higher self codes & shift your morphogenic fields 

Infinite Receiving

Open up to receive more. Learn to expand into higher and higher states of abundance

Co create a powerful relationship with money

Discover you subconscious beliefs and patterns about money

Money Energetic Mastery 

Clear ancestral, societal & deeply ingrained patterning around money, abundance & sovereignty

Sacred Site Activations

Connect into sacred portals at specific grid locations to access keys & codes to clear & expand your energetic frequency to allow more into your energy field

Identity Template Embodiment

Shift your identity with this templating process to embody the shifts at a cellular level. Embodiment is everything!

Inner Earth Kingdom Magic

Support from the inner earth kingdoms for manifestation & reality shifts

Vibrational Mapping

Rocket fuel your manifestation abilities through vibrational mapping, divine flow & creative visioning

This is a potent blend of Goddess & Galactic technology


and I can't wait to support you with these codes inside Quantum Manifestation

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How to Join

BEFORE YOU JOIN: I encourage you to go within and connect with your Higher self and ask. Trust what you get and join with intentionality.  Do this for you, the planet & those you serve

ONCE YOU JOIN: You'll receive an email with log in and access details. If you are already a member of Chloe's other courses please use your same login email at checkout. You have lifetime access 

I'm your guide, chloe...

I work with spiritually awakening souls who are drawn and feel compelled to fast track their spiritual potential in this lifetime.  

The world is changing fast and many Lightworkers, New Earth leaders, empaths, starseeds & soul centred beings are feeling compelled to accelerate their spiritual growth so that they can awaken dormant gifts held within their spiritual DNA through a continual decoding & recoding process

I feel a huge part of this decoding/recoding process is around our ability to manifest.

We are naturally abundant beings.

It's part of our birth right!

But due to blocks, woundings and distortions accumulated over eons of time we have become disconnected from our ability to tap into these abundance codes.

To spiritually grow we must clear these blocks and tap into our manifestation potential

The Universe is Calling you to Step up & reclaim your power of co creation

Tap into the Quantum Field,
Unlock Your Innate Manifestation Abilities & Live Your Highest Potential

Questions about this workshop? Send us an email at [email protected] and we'll respond to it as soon as possible. Please allow 24-48 hours for us to get to you 💖