Quantum Wealth Codes

Ushering in New Earth Wealth Codes For All

portal for Abundance & New Inner Wealth Foundations

New Earth carries a unique signature that contains specific codes.

Some of these codes include Sovereignty, Divinity, Wellness & Wealth

As our planetary grid shifts through astrological events, solar flares & cosmic downloads any 3D constructs, paradigms, organisations & systems that are not in alignment with the New Earth signature will over time collapse & dissolve.

It's these specific planetary & cosmological influences that are creating a new blueprint for our beloved planet.

Right now we are entering into the planetary influence of our Wealth & Abundance Codes with this upcoming Eclipse portal

Eclipses serve as quantum upgrades supporting us as individuals and a collective towards our future destiny - New Earth

This upcoming eclipse portal is on the Taurus/Scorpio axis

Expect to see deep changes globally occurring within the financial systems including currency, banking and wealth

A collapse of the old to usher in the new

We may see global financial institutions, global currencies and resources in general come into play along with more control as 

the old tries to hold onto a collapsing system

Just like any natural birthing process

This can feel at times intense, chaotic and out of control

The more we can as a collective focus on what we desire and wish then the quicker we can manifest this reality into our collective hologram

The main codes available for activation & embodiment around this time are Wealth, Abundance & Sovereignty

golden flower of life symbol for energy update

About the New Earth Wealth Codes

Wealth & Abundance is your natural birthright

Wealth is not contained outside of you 

It resides within you, within the limitless potential of all that is

We have been living in a 3D matrix that has kept us locked at lower, disempowered frequencies concerning abundance

I see this particularly with heart centered, spiritually aware souls 

We now have the opportunity to rise up, claim our natural abundance and live in full sovereignty on this planet

The more we do this for ourselves the more we give permission to others t do the same and become a template for Abundance & living our New Earth reality.

Over the last 2 years I have been drawn to working at a much deeper level with my New Earth wealth codes

For many many years I have ignored these codes and not wanted to activate and embody them within myself

I now realise how much these subconscious perceptions had kept me dis-empowered & stopped me from creating a bigger impact in my life

To create a separation between spirituality & wealth is not only disempowering but also doing a dis-service to your Soul

I feel that true spirituality includes divine abundance in all its forms 

This upcoming eclipse and the global shifts that are already in play create a unique portal to shift our deep seated and often subconscious perceptions around money, abundance & wealth

Next year I am facilitating a journey deep into these quantum wealth codes. This will be a big program covering many modules

In the mean time, however, I would like to support you, if you feel guided, over this potent eclipse with wealth code transmissions and activations to help navigate this powerful transformative time

This will include a live Quantum Wealth Codes Masterclass and also several transmissions 

This will provide I feel a really solid foundation to activate and embody your next upgrade of wealth & abundance codes

3 Steps to Building your Quantum Wealth Codes


Get clear where the solar eclipse lands in your astrological blueprint then craft your wealth code vision template over the solar eclipse on the 25th October


Absorb the transmission from the Quantum Codes Live Masterclass


Use both your Wealth Code Vision template & the energetic expansion transmission to support you daily through the natural ups and downs of building & stablising your internal wealth  codes

How it works 

Clearing Poverty Vows Activation

Work with this Activation that was channelled in a sacred grid point associated with the Cathars, Essenes & Knights Templars

wealth code vision template

In this transmission discover where the solar eclipse lands in your astrological chart and craft a Wealth Code Vision Template that you can lock onto daily during this chaotic rebirth phase

quantum wealth codes masterclass

A 1 hour masterclass to discover how to tap into your New Earth Wealth codes to activate & embody them. This masterclass will support you to uncover subconscious patterning around wealth & abundance as well shifting your perceptions to widen your field of potentiality. We will cover the most essential aspects that you need to master for abundance energetics

energetic expansion transmission

In times of fear, doubt & uncertainty often our natural response is to contract. This however creates a negative energy spiral where we also cut off access to our Higher Self, Intuition & higher flow states. Use this transmission as often as necessary to quickly get back into expansive higher flow states all vital for navigating this current transition

*You'll have lifetime access to these transmissions & activations + access to our New Earth collective all available inside our dedicated portal.
*Please note that due to the instant nature of these transmissions there are no refunds and that these transmissions and activations are copyrighted

"This eclipse portal is a potent catalyst for new beginnings and a rewiring and upgrading of your wealth codes" – Chloe