Astrologically we're in a powerful time of a Rebirth

The very core of who you are is being reconfigured to be more in alignment with your TRUEST self.

This will continue throughout April eclipse season into 2025!

Transmissions & Activations to Nurture the birthing of the NEW YOU & all your creations 

How do you know you're in a REBIRTH?

Maybe you've been feeling like there is a change happening. You don't understand it, and struggle to pinpoint exactly what it is or what it looks like.

You may feel unstable emotionally with a lot of grief coming up to the surface, people, situations may be leaving your life, either unexpectedly or through divine will

You may feel lost, vulnerable and DON'T KNOW WHO YOU ARE anymore

It's like the OLD YOU & old reality is dissolving BUT you don't know what is taking it's place. This can leave you feeling confused, fearful & overwhelmed

You know you can't go back, but you need the clarity & strength to move forward

This phase is like being in the chrysalis of a caterpillar. For the caterpillar to turn into a butterfly, it literally turns into a soupy goopy mess! This is how you may be feeling! 

You may also be feeling a build up of pressure that nothing seems to be able to alleviate - chocolate, alcohol, phone scrolling, shopping.

All your usual attempts of distracting yourself  are not working  ....

AND that's because you're being called to GO WITHIN and discover the treasures that lie within YOU


I've been empowering Souls to step into their spiritual power, activate their gifts & accelerate their ascension journey. I've been blessed to have been on this journey for over 30 years and supported many thousands to step into their unique power. 

Over the last few years I've been in a deep rebirthing process to anchor through divine technology so I can take my next step in channeling & grid work and enable spiritual awakened souls to fast track their own self mastery journey.

I know how it feels to be immersed in this Rebirthing journey and what it takes to support yourself through this dark night of the Soul.

This is why I was guided to bring through Renaissance - my latest offering to support others during this challenging yet empowering time

What's Inside Renaissance 


The Empress is beyond a Queen. For she presides over many realms and queendoms. Through her deep connection to Mother Gaia, the cosmos & the inner earth kingdoms she gives birth to your heart based desires as well as holds space for you through the emotional ups and downs of the rebirthing process. We start with this module first because it is here that many get stuck. Through learning how to attune to the frequency of the Empress daily you'll gain an inner strength that will not only guide you but support you during the entirety of your birthing process


In this module we dive deep into the pivotal point of the Rebirth journey. This is where it hits peak. Learning how to navigate this peak phase means you can complete and fully anchor in whatever you are birthing into your reality. 


Once you have birthed - its now time to harness the energy of the Emperor to sustain and grow you new sense of self & your new creations

Bonus's Include:

Empress Attunement

Tune into the Empress frequency with this Empress attunement to nourish, nurture & sustain you daily through your rebirthing journey

Ancestral Womb Clearing

Your womb, whether physical or etheric hold ancestral patterning as well as your own birth processes. By clearing any patterning that is held in your womb, you support an easier birthing journey 

Sacral Flow

Any rebirthing process involves a shift of heart consciousness. This activation was recorded by an ancient spring to allow you to tap into the potency of living water for the free flow of your emotional body.

Cosmic Womb Clearing

Work with your energetic and cosmic womb - a stargate to birth more of your galactic self

Venus Shield

Learn how to activate your Venus Shield for energetic protection and to feel safe where ever you are 

Merkaba Journey

Journey to this sacred grid location to clear vows, oaths & contracts  that are held energetically within your hologram. 

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Renaissance - A journey of Rebirth