This journey is Free for all Temple Members 

Sphinx Mastery

crystal merkaba grid journey to the Great Sphinx, Egypt

12 april 2022 (TUESDAY) ⚡️ 11 AM BST

Sacred Opportunity to download Keys & codes from the Great Sphinx, Giza Plateau over the rare Jupiter Neptune in Pisces conjunction

About this Journey

Travel through space and time to the sacred grid vortex of the Giza plateau.

Discover the hidden keys and codes to self mastery through Lightbody & Merkaba technology. 


Discover the mysteries encoded within the Sphinx & why they have been kept secret for thousands of years


Understand what Lightbody symptoms are and how to work with them to accelerate your ascension journey


Access hidden doorways into the Hall of Records to unlock dormant keys & codes

Awaken Atlantean codes to access past life gifts to reflect your wisdom, lineage & leadership qualities


Learn exactly what it takes to enter into higher states of initiation


Open up your psychic nature & intuitive abilities to tap into your divine feminine powers

What you'll receive:

This Crystal Merkaba Grid Journey will be facilitated live over the rare Jupiter Neptune in Pisces alignment. Once you book you'll recive a live link nearer the time

Once the journey is complete you'll have lifetime access to the recording with the Frequency Video, Transmissions & Merkaba Meditation

Spiritual technology involved in this journey

Crystalline grid technology

lightbody technology

Merkaba Technology

Live Journey to the Great Sphinx, Giza Plateau, Egypt