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 Activate Star Codes : Unlock Starseed gifts: Discover your cosmic origins


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Activating & connecting to your unique cosmic origin is part of the ascension journey 

Your dna is both physical and "non-physical". Main stream scientists call this junk dna and believe it serves no purpose! 

Trust me, it does serve a purpose

Locked within this "junk dna" are the cosmic expressions, gifts & abilities connected to your Star Lineage

This is what makes YOU unique!

 When you tap into, hold & crystalise this unique coding blueprint everything in your life shifts holographically and the world opens up to you in a whole new way 

Some of the unique cosmic gifts & abilities that can come through are:

⚡Intuition & psychic abilities

⚡Healing abilities

⚡Channelling & Gridwork

⚡Energy & Manifestation shifting abilities

⚡Creative expression

⚡Spiritual guidance & teachings

What makes the real difference ➡️  is not the creative/spiritual gifts in and of themselves but the unique coding that is woven within your gifts & abilities.

This is what makes you ORIGINAL 

You have connected back to your ORIGINS 

And this is what makes you magnetic to all you are here to serve (humans, earth, animals etc)

Introducing Star Whale Codes 

Starwhales activate codes within your dna to access your cosmic lineage and unlock those dormant gifts, abilities and frequencies

Join me in this star seed activation journey with the StarWhales

In this 2 hour transmission & activation you'll:

🐋 Activate codes within your dna to access your ancestral spiritual lineage

🐋 Connect to the frequencies of the StarWhale 

🐋 Discover how sacred sites act as holographic grids that can shift your 3d blueprint

🐋 Understand how your environment impacts your DNA

🐋 Learn how to embrace your true self & your cosmic origins

🐋 Initiate a profound journey of self discovery & re manifestation of gifts

🐋 Receive a StarWhale Activation

Love for Chloe's StarWhale Codes


I am passionate about working with the sacred grids of planet earth and supporting Souls to step into their spiritual power, activate their gifts & accelerate their ascension journey. I have supported many thousands of beautiful souls in their unique ascension journeys for over 30 years

Over the last seven years I've been in a deep embodiment process to anchor through divine technology from my StarSeed self so I can take my next step in channeling & grid work and enable spiritual awakened souls to fast track their own self mastery journey

The Power of Cosmic Connection

It was in activating, connecting to & embodying the unique frequencies of my star lineage that my spiritual gifts, creativity and abilities magnified. 

This is because as planet earth ascends - these new cosmic frequencies are very much needed to support the planet & humanity to awaken and shift into galactic consciousness.

2024 is when so many spiritually aware souls are being called to awaken and grid their unique energy to support the rest of humanity & the planet as it ascends. 

But it all starts with the ACTIVATION first ⬇️

Join me on this StarWhale Activation 

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Please note this workshop is also available inside the Earthstar Temple

Love for Chloe's Transmissions & Activations

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