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Starting Your Temple Journey

We're so excited to welcome you into our Temple membership and hope you feel ready to begin your journey with our beautiful Temple community.  There's so much content that it can feel a little overwhelming, so don't worry if you're not sure where to start, we've got some ideas right here for you:

1. Create a Sacred Space: Join Chloe in this short video as she shares her hints and tips for creating your own sacred space; perfect for rituals, meditation, journaling and bringing a focus to your ascension journey 

Click to play

2. Create a Daily Practice: Each morning divine an activation/meditation to support your decoding/clearing process and uplift your energy.  Go to your Home page or the Activation/Meditation Sanctuary and see which one you are guided to tap into today.

Manifestation & Abundance Detox Meditation - is great for current themes of up-levelling your abundance codes and stepping into a reality of greater ease, flow and plenty.

Journal any inspirations, releases or aha moments that come through for you 

Divine an Oracle card and discover the frequencies that are supporting you today, it's a great spiritual heads-up for the day ahead.

3. Create Connections: Connect with our Soul Tribe inside our Circle Community, engage & uplift others, meet familiar faces😘 and catch up.  You can also ask other like-minded souls for advice with your challenges😜 and share your news & what's going well for you today.   We also have news and updates in our Light Vibes section

Our Collective Chat Space is the place to start this link will take you straight there

4. Create an Impact: A huge part of your Temple membership is the monthly Planetary Grid Transmission with Chloe.  Want to know when the next one takes place? Check out our Upcoming Events page, you can follow the link here