Winter Solstice 2023

Reset : Rebirth : Rejuvenate

Solstice Magic

Each year in the Northern Hemisphere on the 21st December we reach a potent point of TRANSFERENCE on the planet 

This profound energy ripples throughout the Earth and creates a portal of deep transformation & spiritual awakening

It's a time where the veils are thin and the potential for spiritual expansion and elevated states of bliss are amplified

Join us over the Solstice to release, purify, balance & reset your energy system in preparation for 2024

Your Winter Solstice Kit

Lightcode Transmission  

In this 40 minute Solstice transmission Chloe dives deep into the energetics of the Solstice and some key energetic signatures for 2024. She also explains ways to navigate this potent portal so you can step powerfully into 2024

Soul Questing Ritual 

Before you can bring in the new, it's important to make energetic space. Encode the new frequencies of the New Year. Discover this Soul Questing ritual with Zoe in preparation for the ending of 2023 and the beginning of 2024. It’s a powerful time to release and purify from deep within and then gain clarity around the things you're inspired to bring in for yourself in 2024. 

Winter Solstice Activation

Chloe guides you through a fire ritual activation along with the clearing of your Solar plexus chakra & activation of your inner dragon. In this activation Chloe works with the frequency of Transference Healing® & her Holographic Blueprint® technology. This is perfect to move you from lower stuck energy into co creator mode

Energy Mapping for 2024  

2024 is a leap year, bringing so many opportunities for deep shifts, transformation and growth. It’s also a Universal year 8, so the frequencies of balance and harmony, co-creation and leadership are potent.

In this Energetic Mapping forecast, Zoe shares her energetic heads-up for 2024 exploring the key astrological and cosmic influences that will shape the year ahead

About Your Event Hosts

Chloe Cousins

Chloe Cousins, renowned for her unique skills in facilitating multi dimensional journeys, offers her wisdom & intuitive skills to awaken dormant codes, elevate consciousness, and illuminate pathways toward your fullest divine expression. 

Her mentorship gifts include: Spiritual Awakening and Empowerment, Destiny & Purpose, Unlocking Spiritual Gifts & Talents, Sacred Sites, Crystal Merkaba Grids® & Holographic Blueprint® Templating

Zoe Whitehead is a cosmic/lunar guide & healer of light. She guides empathic women & Light Workers to raise their vibration and align to the lunar, cosmic & earth cycles. Shifting from lives of constant challenge and overwhelm to sovereign & soul-led living.
She holds space in her beautiful light communities, inspiring women to step into their highest expression & activating their inner light codes.

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