21 DAY

Empress Codes Journey

Embody Your Inner Empress for Abundance, Creativity & Nurturance

Discover the Potency of the Empress

There exists a universal energy, a divine code known as the Empress

A feminine energy that's deeply connected Mother Gaia & her realms

That when you know how to ignite & embody it, empowers you to nurture yourself and others, unlock your creativity, and bask in the abundance that flows effortlessly when aligned with your passions.

What is the Empress Code?

The Empress Code is multi faceted, available to all and includes frequencies of Creativity, Abundance, Mother Gaia, Nourishment & Love

She nourishes you from the inside out through her connection to Mother Gaia & her inner queendoms

Through daily cultivation of this energy your creativity, ability to hold space, feel nourished, birth your hearts desires and receive abundance is activated & amplified

She creates a magnetic field through which everything is effortlessly drawn in 

Experience the magnetic field of the Empress

The Empress energy isn't something you merely stumble upon; it's a frequency to be cultivated within.

 As you embody this energy, you create a magnetic field around you that effortlessly draws in abundance, Creativity, and Nurturing energies.

It's about aligning your abundance with what sets your soul on fire, not with what drains you.

How to Ignite & Embody your Empress Codes?

This energy is available to All

It's really a question of Aligning, Opening Up & Receiving


It's about cultivating this energy from the inside out

Your building your Empress empire, one day at a time

Join me on a journey to cultivate & amplify this potent Empress Code

How this 21 Day Empress Journey works!

This 21 day Empress Journey takes place in my Temple community. You'll have full access for 3 months and can then decide to carry on or cancel 

Once signed up you'll receive an email with deets on how to join the challenge inside our Community + you'll receive instant FULL access to Temple Activate

Every day you'll receive mini teachings, activations & journal prompts inside our private dedicated app

Amplify & anchor your Abundance Codes through daily inner connection & aligned guided actions  

What you'll receive:

  • Daily practices and exercises delivered straight to your app for 21 days
  • Access to a private online community for support and guidance
  • Guided meditations and visualizations to deepen your practice
  • Bonus resources and materials to support your journey
  • Mini downloads of wisdom & abundance teachings

No matter where you are in your Empress journey this 21 day journey will upgrade you to your next level of embodiment


“It truly is a journey and an amazing one at that."

 It's such a blessing to have found Chloe Cousins and the Temple! Abundantly grateful



“Chloe I am so grateful for your love, support and guidance"

In these past 3 weeks I have made some of the most profound shifts of consciousness and also in my external reality!

Hearing Chloe's voice every day and receiving the healing frequencies she resonates have been an integral part of my own healing processes.



“Working in this space daily has been a game changer"

Having that daily focus, guidance and taking action. I can now see changes that have been occurring.

I absolutely love these meditation’s and I am really enjoying this process, this amazing community and all of the incredible content in this container.


+ You'll also receive full access to my Temple Membership


 at 40% OFF for the first 3 months

The Empress codes challenge is held inside my Temple membership

This will give you full access to 70+ light encoded Activations, Spiritual Workshops, monthly Live calls with me, shamanic activations, holographic blueprint sessions, my Crystal Merkaba Grid journeys & our beautiful private community 

Inside our Temple Membership

Explore Your New Earth Archetype

Dive deeper into your archetype & discover how to tap into your gifts

Shift your Holographic Blueprint®

Attune to cosmic forces over the New Moon , reset & shift your energetic blueprint

Immerse yourself in 70+  Activations

Instantly shift frequency, raise your vibration & find a higher flow

Experience Crystal Merkaba Grid® Journeys

To download  keys & light codes from sacred sites around the world

Receive a Full Moon Temple Ritual & Workbook

monthly ritual & workbook to clear, release & let go

Some of my recommendations inside of the Temple membership to support this 21 day Empress Code challenge include:

Also receive my THREE core foundational programs inside the Temple

Co creating your New Earth reality is not an overnight achievement.

Inside the Temple we've carefully crafted a New Earth pathway for co creating your most soul aligned life 

Phase One - Crystal clear clarity on your intentions & long term visions

Phase Two - Dive deeper into your New Earth Archetype to see your inner blocks and where some of your gifts are hidden

Phase Three - Disocver the energetics behind the manifestation process

This is why I have chosen these three workshops to get you started. Normally they would be a combined investment of over $1000 but as a Temple member you get these for FREE


Workshop #1

Northstar Vision Quest

 Tap into the highest version of you, gain clarity on your next steps, understand your blueprint and feel more energetically connected to your dreams 


To fully tap into your co-creatrix power you first need to get crystal clear on your vision, purpose & divine mission!

You can find out more about Northstar Vision Quest here 


Price $555

New Earth Archetype

Workshop #2

New Earth Archetype & Spiritual Gifts 

We all have spiritual/creative gifts & talents. Many of these gifts have been accumulated over lifetimes but because of past life woundings they remain dormant until activated & embodied

Birthing & sharing these spiritual gifts & talents with the world is a big part of any spiritual empowerment journey

Knowing what these gifts are and what core challenges you'll face will fast track the activation & embodiment process


The awareness gained from listening to this workshop is hugely healing & empowering


Price $120


Workshop #3

New Earth Manifestation Vortex  


Potent light encoded transmissions & activations to amplify your manifestation powers
To make the biggest difference in this world, to amplify your impact and manifest your Soul's desires it all comes down to the Mastery of your Inner Self through frequency

It's time to step into your Sovereignty & Power as a Divine Manifestor

You can find out more about New Earth Manifestation Vortex here

Price $333

You'll receive all this goodness inside my Temple membership PLUS the 21 day Empress Code Journey

Hey, I am Chloe 

I am an ascension grid channeller & catalyst for New Earth

I hold sacred transformative space inside my Temple Membership and in my workshops to activate your dormant codes, clear distortions, shift frequency & consciousness so you can live your fullest divine expression and life

I would love to hold space for you and share my wisdom teachings & codes so you can amplify your abundance, trust yourself more & stand in your own divine sovereignty, authority & truth