Spiritual Empowerment & Ancestral Healing

crystal merkaba grid journey to Uluru, Australia

about this journey

an overview...

The potent grid location of Uluru is sacred to the Aboriginal people & embodies ancient spiritual power.  It is recognised as the Solar Plexus Chakra of this planet & connects to the creation of time, supporting you to heal your ancestral lineage, re-connect to the whole & clear your solar plexus chakra for greater empowerment.

This journey is perfect for:

  • Healing & clearing your Solar Plexus Chakra
  • Supporting your empowerment journey
  • Working with your Ancestors & Star Lineage

Spiritual technology involved in this journey

Restore & recharge your spiritual power to infuse more light

An energy vortex ...

Connect to your spiritual DNA to uncover lost wisdom

An energy vortex...

Receive a total realignment & rebalance on all levels of your being

Hopis’ ancient knowledge....

Access cosmic stargate doorways to encode galactic aspects of your DNA

Hopis’ ancient knowledge....

Full Journey to Uluru, Australia

Merkaba Meditation

Full Journey Audio

Share your Uluru journey with our Community

We'd love to hear about your experiences; writing them down can really anchor them in to your physical reality, shifting your consciousness and supporting you to move forward with aligned action 

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