Your Spiritual Journey Recommendations

Temple Luna

Shift your frequency rapidly & amplify your intuition to manifest your spiritual gifts & your New Earth reality


Temple Sanctuary

Everything you need to connect to your New Earth manifestations  and create a daily energetic practice  to feel Uplifted, empowered & Serene


New Earth Healer Codes

Transmissions for light workers, creatives & Healers to shift your internal reality & embody  your life's purpose


Temple Activate

Activate, Accelerate & Unlock your Destiny & Purpose to step into your spiritual power & Birth your gifts & talents


Chiron Workshop  

Discover Your Core Wounding and how to turn it around, Tapping into your Spiritual Potential & Unlocking your higher Gifts & Talents.  


Portal Of Change  

working with these transmissions & Frequencies will support you to transmute feelings of grief and loss and expand into higher states of love


Multi Dimensional Kit

light code activations and Rebirth Ceremony With Transmissions & crystal Merkaba grid Journey To New Grange, Ireland


North Star Vision Quest

discover & anchor your highest self vision, supercharge your destiny & align to your deeper soul's purpose


Quantum Wealth Codes

clear Patterning around wealth & abundance, ignite your abundance codes & embody higher flow states


Evergreen Energetics

Unblock subconscious beliefs around recurring income, tap into infinite possibilities receive the transmission of the Infinity Codes 



 Tap into these Divine Teachings, Transmissions & Activations To Support your expansion, re-alignment & recalibration Into A 5 - 7D Crystalline Holographic Matrix


Destiny Mastery 1

Destiny Mastery 

Activations, Transmissions & Purification Teachings From The Subterranean Chamber, Pyramid Of Giza


Work with Chloe

Awaken Your Divine Feminine Codes

Activations, Transmissions & Sacred Divine Feminine Teachings from the Queens Chamber, Pyramid of Giza


Egyptian Temple Gridding Tour

experience this unique Gridding journey to Egypt & receive divinely orchestrated initiations for your next ascension upgrade. 


Divine Soul Business

amplify your impact, purpose & manifestation abilities to serve the world through your divine gifts & talents


Spiritual Awakening & Accelerator

Spiritual Awakening

Take your Next step in your spiritual transformative journey to expand your knowledge, awareness & consciousness


Quantum Manifestation 2.0

New Earth Money Manifestation, Impact & Soul Contribution

Learn How To Tap Into The Quantum Field, Unlock Your Innate Manifestation Abilities & Live Your Highest Life


Ascension Vortex

Sacred One Year container with divine teachings, activations & transmissions for Alchemy, Magic & Divinity Codes 


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