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crystal merkaba grid journey to Paphos, Cyprus

about this journey

an overview...

This Crystal Merkaba Grid Journey was channelled from the sacred grid point of Paphos, Cyprus, the birthplace of Aphrodite & anchor point for Higher Heart frequencies onto the planet, it will support you to activate the deeper chambers of your heart, opening yourself up to more love in your life and deepen your capacity to love others.

This journey is perfect for:

  • Activating the deeper chambers of your heart 
  • Bringing through higher heart frequencies of love, passion & creativity
  • Weaving your world with divine love & becoming magnetic to your desires & soul intentions
  • Deepening your sense of self-love and self-nurturance

Spiritual technology involved in this journey

Journey to the sacred grid point and birthplace of Aphrodite

An energy vortex ...

Tap into the Divine Feminine frequencies at a deeper level

An energy vortex...

Align to the entry point, where the frequencies of Love, Expansion, Creativity, Abundance, Passion and Self Worth, disperse out into sacred sites & vortex’s across the earth

Hopis’ ancient knowledge....

Connect with the Ocean, Goddesses Aphrodite & Sedna, the Elementals & Arcturian Angelic beings of Light

Hopis’ ancient knowledge....

Full Journey to Paphos, Cyprus - includes Merkaba Meditation

Merkaba Meditation  

Full Journey Audio 

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