Absolute Balance Fairy Portal

crystal merkaba grid journey to Anglesey, Wales

about this journey

an overview...

Journey energetically to this Absolute Balance Fairy Portal in the magical grid location of Anglesey, Wales.   Enter the Inner Earth Kingdom of the Fairy Realm to shift & expand your consciousness & perceptions, here you can release lower thoughts, limited beliefs and subconscious patterns to co create your new reality and bring your shadows into the light

This journey is perfect for:

  • Releasing external or internal triggers/blocks during an initiation process 
  • Reconnecting to the Goddess for support, balance & grounding 
  • Connecting to a fairy ring to shift & expand your consciousness
  • Discovering which crystals work effectively for creating a deep state of internal balance & connection to the elemental realms

Spiritual technology involved in this journey

Journey to the Isle of the Druids for Magic, Mystery & inter dimensional travel

An energy vortex ...

Absorb alchemical properties to nourish & sustain your body at a higher vibration

An energy vortex...

Understand polarity & why its vital for Lightbody integration & your ascension journey

Hopis’ ancient knowledge....

Tap into the Black & White Ray for co-creation & the expansion of consciousness

Hopis’ ancient knowledge....

Full Journey to Anglesey, Wales

Merkaba Meditation

Full Journey Audio

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We'd love to hear about your experiences; writing them down can really anchor them in to your physical reality, shifting your consciousness and supporting you to move forward with aligned action 

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