Created by Alexis Cartwright, this purification spray creates an energetic connection to the vibration of the Goddess Morgan le Fay, who awakens the psyche to the ancient mysteries and realms overseen by pagan goddesses.

Its aromatic qualities energetically connect you to the divine presence of Morgan le Fay, while grounding your energies into the inner kingdoms of Gaia. With a unique combination of gardenia, lavender and violet, with a neroli water base, this spray will awaken a deeper connection to the fairy kingdoms in support of magical experiences and the manifestation of reality changes.




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Essential oils of Gardenia, Lavender, Violet with a Neroli Flower Water base.


Transference Healing has created a range of high vibrational, purification sprays that are comprised of pure floral water combined with organic essential oils. Created by Alexis Cartwright, these sprays were brought through to support a remedial healing impact on the body and consciousness, heightening your vibration while purifying distorted energies.

They also awaken the attributes of the psyche, connecting you to different realities, guides, Ascended Masters and dimensions of thought.  Each spray contains a clear quartz crystal programmed by Alexis.  This helps to magnify the unique qualities of each spray, while also imbuing it with the frequencies of Transference Healing.

Each purification mist can be sprayed around your body or environment and are especially effective in supporting meditation, healing and spiritual practice. When used in your home, they cleanse and support you to sustain a fifth dimensional space.  Each spray has its own aroma and magical qualities, encouraging holistic wellness, inspirational thoughts and protection.