Activate Your Unique Gifts 

About Chloe Cousins

Chloe is a multi dimensional channel, planetary grid worker, ascension guide & founder of Crystal Merkaba Grid® & Holographic Blueprint® technology

She empowers awakened Souls to step into their spiritual power, activate their gifts & fast track their ascension journey

Over the last 30 years she has worked with thousands of clients empowering them to take their next step in their ascension journey

Her awakening journey began over 40 years ago searching for inner truths and trying to make sense of the world 

After learning and teaching many forms of healing, spiritual modalities and energy  work she discovered Transference Healing®, an ascension modality foundered by Alexis Cartwright that became a great catalyst to the birthing of her unique gifts. Chloe facilitates these trainings yearly at her sacred land in England, Uk

"I feel so incredibly blessed & honoured  to have the opportunity to empower others on their unique ascension journey 

Whether it's deepening into your empowerment journey, accessing unique codes from sacred  sites, birthing your gifts, amplifying your manifestation abilities or sharing your gifts with the world, I am passionate about supporting you to rise "