Crystal Merkaba Grid™ Journeys

Access Sacred Sites for Infusions of Light, Alchemical Healing, Sacred Teachings &
Inter dimensional experiences all from the comfort of your home

 A few of the Crystal Merkaba Grid Journeys Available inside the Earthstar Temple membership  

Experience this Magic For Yourself

Travel through space and time to the sacred grid vortex of Easter Island - Rapa Nui, to ground and anchor your New Earth Template.  

Discover how the Kuiper Belt holds cosmic technology to support the birthing of the New Earth Template and how Easter Island - Rapa Nui ancient powers the Moai and Make-Make the creator god have links to the Pleiades & Ancient Egyptians.

About the crystal merkaba grid™ journeys 

Sacred sites are powerful vortex's of Light where hidden portals exist into other worldly dimensions.This is why the ancients would travel thousands of miles to visit sacred sites as well as build Temples, Stone circles & Pyramids at these grid points.

They understood the power of these sacred places for healings, activations, merkaba travel, Lightbody activations and tapping into sacred/hidden knowledge.

In a Crystal Merkaba Grid® Journey you travel through time & space to an inter dimensional portal located at that sacred site.  Through this portal you'll absorb specific light frequencies, activate codes & create alchemical shifts in your body & consciousness.

Each journey is between 60-90 minutes long and includes Light transmissions, downloads & channelings specific to that Sacred Site.

Also included in each journey is a Merkaba Meditation & Crystalline Grid Light codes 

Gain instant access to over 20 + Crystal Merkaba Grid Journeys® as part of the Earthstar Temple® Membership on the Activate Tier.  For more details go here


Keys,codes and Magic

Receive specific lightcodes from sacred sites to amplify your lightbody for more Wellbeing

Anchor Higher Gifts & Talents so you can share your gifts with the world

 Experience different realities & realms to open up your perception & clear distortion & old patterns

Gain greater awareness energetically of Sacred Sites & support your Spiritual growth

Story Behind the Technology

In 2005 Chloe anchored the Crystal Merkaba Grid™ technology onto this planet. 

The Crystal Merkaba Grid™ was implanted into the foundations of her home & comprised of specific crystals, intersecting ley lines and sacred geometry. This created a powerful vortex enabling Chloe to travel inter dimensionally through time and space to specific sacred sites & inter dimensional portals

Over many years Chloe developed this technology to include her Crystal Merkaba Grid™ Journeys.  In 2017 she facilitated her first Crystal Merkaba Grid™ Journey to London City - a long forgotten ancient Goddess portal located within the walls of the old City of London, England

In these profound journeys, using the Crystal Merkaba Grid™ technology Chloe transports people through time & space to sacred grid locations all over the world. It's at these sacred sites that Chloe is able to access inter dimensional portals so that participants can  receive lightcodes, alchemical healing & profound experiences

Sacred sites are special power points within the Global Grid Matrix where the energies are more concentrated and amplified. They create unique doorways in space and time where magic happens. The veils are thinner here and interdimensional communication, healings and miracles are all possible.

Each place holds unique energies, frequencies, codes and geometric templates that are specific to that particular grid location.When receiving light transmissions from a particular location these unique codes & energy patterns will filter through and form part of the complex energy infusions taking place within your body & consciousness

Experiences with Crystal Merkaba Grid™ Journeys

"The Crystal Merkaba journeys opened up a whole new world for me.

I knew that world was there but I didn't know how to access it. 

The healing growth that I have received continues daily through the gifts Chloe shares." 


Earthstar Temple Member

"I love the Crystal Grid Journeys.

When I run the frequencies this way on myself, morning and evening, I cannot express how much better I feel!"

Helen b.

Earthstar Temple Member

"Wow! This was incredible!"

During the connecting through ley lines when Chloe reached Mount Carmel a surge of energetic light rushed through me, I felt extremely grounded and my crown expanded so much so there was intense pressure and my ears popped!

This was beautiful!

hollie marie

Earthstar Temple Member