21 Day Abundance Immersion - Starts this Saturday 18th May 2024



share Your Gifts with the world

Break through your abundance blocks & tap into your multi dimensional manifestation abilities to co create New Earth & share your gifts with the World

Only $297/m

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create more IMPACT with your gifts & abilities

Create a life where you're of SERVICE & creating an IMPACT in the world.


The Universe is inviting you to rise up, claim your natural abundance and live in full SOVEREIGNTY on this planet

The more you do this for yourself the more you give permission to others to do the same and become therefore a DIVINE TEMPLATE for Abundance & living an intentional co creational New Earth reality


Humanity for eons of time has been locked energetically in 3D programs

These matrix's include Scarcity, Fear, Financial Enslavement, Playing Small, Contraction, Feeling Hopeless, Struggle and Working Hard


YET we have absorbed these programs so deep within our energetic structure that unless we consciously decode them out of our system they remain locked in place and continue to co create your reality in a disempowering way


In fact so much so that I didn't even want to look at my abundance or money issues AT ALL!

I just wanted to accelerate my spiritual growth, make an impact and serve in a greater way

BUT what I didn't realise was that money, impact and service are intricately woven together

By not addressing my internal money programs meant that I wasn't fulfilling my potential and not serving & contributing to this planet, humanity & mother Gaia to the best of my ability!

I felt powerless, unacknowledged and undervalued

Honestly, it didn't matter how hard I worked or what I did

I just didn't feel I was getting anywhere fast in my ability to serve and make a bigger impact in the world


Once I shifted my focus to unifying MONEY, Abundance, Spirituality & POWER within my consciousness, this ALL CHANGED

Hey, I am Chloe

I am a multi dimensional channel, planetary grid worker, ascension guide & founder of Crystal Merkaba Grid® & Holographic Blueprint® technology

I empower awakened Souls to step into their spiritual power, activate their gifts & fast track their ascension journey

Over the last 30 years I've worked with thousands of clients empowering them to take their next step in their ascension journey

As part of the empowerment journey I support Souls to shift their relationship around Money, Abundance & Manifestation

three quarters of the co creation process is energetic!

Pushing, hard work, struggle & hustle are all part of the old way of manifestation and business

And quite honestly are exhausting - leading to burn out, overwhelm & plateauing your growth

Three quarters of the manifestation process is in the energetics - both the foundational energetics (feelings & thoughts) but also in the quantum (multi dimensional) energetics

To create the most potent energetic blend yoU need both the foundational + quantum energetics to supercharge your impact & manifestation powers.

This is WHY I created Temple Impact

About Temple IMPACT membership

Temple Impact is a combination of my most potent workshops, programs, activations & weekly transmissions all designed to empower you from the inside out

Bring the invisible into the visible 

 Create manifestation, magic, impact & miracles

This work is unique as I combine the energetic biz workshops with weekly transmissions

You have to create your internal architecture first and from that state of Beingness you'll effortlessly magnetise not only your aligned soul tribe but also the perfect structures, tech & strategies

This is the way of the empowered biz Goddess.

Let me share my codes & templates with you.

All these transmissions, codes and activations contained within the Impact tier are essential to co create your new earth biz worlds & realities with ease, grace, joy and flow.

What's Included inside Impact membership

21 Day Abundance Immersion ($222)

Starts this Saturday!

A powerful way to decode/recode and restructure your energetic architecture. Be immersed in the power of the group with accountability, daily prompts, abundant transmissions, and decoding so you can shift from the inside out!

Temple Activate Membership ($111/m)

Full access to my monthly Temple Activate membership to keep you balanced, recalibrated & aligned 24/7

Access to 70+ frequency activations, 22+ Crystal Merkaba Grid Journeys, live planetary grid transmissions, Ascension workshops + soul community

This membership will support you daily to DECODE/RECODE/REALIGN 

This is where the true transformation occurs

For more details about Temple Activate

Quantum Manifestation 2.0 ($2,222)

Quantum manifestation is for spiritually aware souls, new earth light leaders & lightworkers who wish to break through their abundance blocks & tap into their multi dimensional manifestation abilities to co create New Earth

For more details about Quantum Manifestation 2.0

Divine Soul Business Accelerator Program ($2,222)

Key transmissions, codes & energetics that took my passion & service work from barely making a few $100's month to multiply 6 figures biz.

Includes the bonus workshop 'Inspiration to Creation'

Opens up in second month of membership, after completion of Quantum Manifestation 2.0

For more details about Divine soul Business Accelerator

Weekly Holographic Blueprint Sessions ($111)

Your reality is created through holograms

Shift your hologram and morphogenetic field to create new energetic grids aligned to your divine blueprint.

By working at the very core of your being this creates the energetic foundations through which your new reality can birth. This is potent & powerful magic. You cannot go deeper than this energetically

For more details about Holographic Blueprint Sessions

Awaken Your Inner Magician ($555)

Master Your Higher Self : Embrace Your Inner Power : Manifest Abundance

includes a Merkaba Meditation to Stonehenge + Instant Access to Chloe's Sedna Transmission & Activation from Cyprus

Opens up in third month of membership after completion of Divine Soul Business Accelerator Programme

For more details about Awaken Your Inner Magician

Evergreen Energetics ($222)

Receive the signature energetics involved in an evergreen product & the transmission of the Infinity Codes. Potent for when you want to sell your courses, books and creations on evergreen so you can separate the energetic link between time & money.

Vital if you wish to succeed with evergreen products as there is so much subconscious patterning you need to clear initially.

New Earth Healer Codes 

New Earth Healer Codes Workshop ($97)

Quantum Energetics & Transmissions for Lightworkers, Healers & Coaches

The perfect way to ignite your business potential and experience more expansion, creativity and joy within your work. You'll learn how to upgrade your personal codes and frequency to really be the change.

That's over $6,000 of Money/Abundance/Biz Course Energetics!

You gain access to all of this for only $297/m (including your weekly Holographic Blueprint Sessions + Temple Activate)

Cancel Anytime

**If you're already an Earthstar Temple Activate/Sanctuary/Luna member we'll adjust your membership once you upgrade :)

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