Holographic Blueprint® technology

Shift Your DNA Energetic Blueprint, clear holographic distortions &
co create your New Earth reality

Experience a Holographic Blueprint Group Session

Creation : unity : divinity

We live in a holographic universe where our consciousness co creates our reality.

We each have a unique hologram that when aligned using holographic blueprint® templating enables you to tap into the bliss of oneness, heal your body & create profound shifts in consciousness & your reality.

Connect to Holographic Consciousness

Realign to the universal hologram to access higher frequencies of light for self healing & self mastery

Work with Lightbody symptoms to support your divinely guided ascension journey

Allow deeper states of surrender to co- create through the will of the Goddess

Open up your Higher gifts of healing, psychic abilities channelling, creativity, higher communication & reconnection to the Light

Shift your hologram to align to the universal hologram for profound shifts of consciousness, healing & light infusions

Activate merkaba codes to create a shift in your hologram and reality

What is Holographic Blueprint™ technology?

Chloe went through a huge spiritual experience spanning several years to channel through the codes, awareness & technology to anchor & birth the Holographic blueprint®  technology

This unique spiritual technology works with realigning your hologram blueprint to that of the universal divine hologram

Our current DNA energetic blueprint is undergoing a huge mutation process. Humanity as a whole is clearing distortion at the holographic level that is filtering down into our physical, emotional and mental planes.

Humanity is in a huge evolutionary upgrade where we're templating our entire being from a 3D level into a 5 - 7D level of existence

This template is being birthed through each one of us and is filtering out into our reality. 

It's your hologram from which your reality is created.

By shifting your hologram you change your reality at the deepest level possible.

This process is delegated through the will of the Goddess and is facilitated through holographic consciousness.


Experiences with Holographic Blueprint® technology


" This took me incredibly deep. I felt the flow of energies received in the deepest levels of my being.

My body was vibrating and I continue to feel the flow of energies. What a great day to be alive! "



 " I connected with everything

Plants, trees, flowers, animals, stars, planets


I knew I was connected to everything. "



" I feel the tears and the weight that is lifting off my broken heart ... as the essence permeates deeper and deeper.

So beautiful! "



" Sustained in a higher frequency this week I felt great

I was able to see my life clear and to act from a point of love and understanding instead of a lower frequency emotions "



 " I have knowing without understanding. I feel the Goddess calling me home.

Into the darkness. Into the void. I am allowed to let go. Surrender and rest into Her."



" My whole body was shaking and I had pressure on my solar Plexus chakra ( it was almost like there was a hand placed on there).

Had flashback visions of uniting with past versions of myself.

My crystalline power become very effortless…"


take your journey further...

Feeling Drawn to work at this
deeper level of the Hologram?

You can experience this profound technology in these two ways: