Easter Island


Rapa Nui – Easter Island 

In this Crystal Merkaba Grid Journey, travel through space and time to the sacred grid vortex of Rapa Nui, Easter Island.  Ground and anchor your New Earth Template and discover how the Kuiper Belt holds cosmic technology to support the birthing of the 5d.  Explore how Rapa Nui holds the ancient powers of the Moai and Make-Make the creator god with links to the Pleiades & Ancient Egyptians.  


Connect to the elemental richness, beauty, rejuvenating frequencies  and nourishing vibrancy of Gaia’s healing medicine with the Emerald and Crystalline rays during this powerful journey into the navel of the world.

Align and find your place within the divine cosmic order of life. Ground through the global grid matrix and receive the codes of divine power, wisdom, sacred knowledge and authority so you can hear the call home and stand fully in your sovereignty.  Within your new earth template,  harmony and abundance  are all around  – open yourself to receive through this sacred portal deep into the heart of Gaia.


This Crystal Merkaba Grid Journey to Rapa Nui, Easter Island is perfect for:

  • Connecting & aligning to Divine Cosmic laws, enabling you to embody leadership, sovereignty & truth 
  • Attuning & grounding into your New Earth Template
  • Creating a deep healing for greater balance in your energy system


The spiritual technologies encoded into this journey will support you to:

  • Connect to the Lemurian frequencies and Divine cosmic order
  • Support the birthing of the New Earth template into the consciousness of humanity
  • Experience a deep healing through the ancient power of the Moai
  • Expand your capacity to open up and become a vessel of the Divine

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