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London Stone, Spiritual Initiations


Initiations for Spiritual Empowerment – Crystal Merkaba Grid Journey

In this Crystal Merkaba Grid Journey you will travel energetically to the London Stone, London which is in the heart of the city.  It’s linked to ancient myths and legends around the Druids, Mithras Cult, King Arthur & Camelot. This journey will support you to experience initiations for spiritual empowerment so you can tap into and refine your spiritual growth process.


This Crystal Merkaba Grid Journey to London Stone, London is perfect for:

  • Shifting fear & connecting to your inner power, strength & will
  • Helping your physical body to absorb more prana and elements 
  • Igniting a spiritual initiation process so you can become more spiritually empowered
  • Understanding why Divine Will is so vital to your Ascension Journey


The spiritual technologies encoded into this journey will support you to:

  • Refine and purify your ego for greater spiritual connection
  • Connect to the powers of sovereignty & Divine leadership
  • Tap into Dragon Power for increased psychic protection and support
  • Access an inter-dimensional portal to experience the galactic realms of Orion


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