Archangel Michael Crystal Merkaba Grid Journey


Archangel Michael & the Activation of the Crystalline Grid – Skellig Michael, Ireland

This Crystal Merkaba Grid Journey was facilitated live over the Winter Solstice & Great Conjunction on the 21st December 2020.   Travel energetically to the grid location where Archangel Michael energy anchors into the legendary Sword of St Michael Line.

Discover how this multidimensional grid point links to Mont St. Micheal in France and St. Michaels Mount in the UK.   Follow the route of this Michael ley line which travels from Ireland all the way to the Holy Land. This line, anchors and births Christ Consciousness onto the planet.

Connect into the St Michael frequencies for the clearing of negativity and protection whenever you feel fearful or in danger.  Also for the cutting or Karmic ties or cords and reconnection to your higher self.


This Crystal Merkaba Grid Journey to Skellig Michael is perfect for:

  • Connecting to Archangel Michael frequencies 
  • Clearing negativity & distortions on a personal & global level
  • Supporting the activation of the Crystalline grid


The spiritual technologies encoded into this journey will support you to:

  • Create a deep purification process by connecting to the Sword of St.Michael line
  • Through purification create greater states of balance and unity both within and globally
  • Clear the mental plane and shift your consciousness from self will to Divine will
  • Attune to the frequencies of St.Michael for Courage, confidence and purity of power