Alchemical Union, Glastonbury


The Alchemical Union – Glastonbury, UK

This Crystal Merkaba Grid Journey to Glastonbury was facilitated on the Feast of Mary Magdalene Day 22nd July and includes prayers to the Goddess Bridgit & Our Lady of Avalon.  It will facilitate an energetic connection to Avalon and support you to make a deeper connection to the Goddess.  


This Crystal Merkaba Grid Journey is perfect for:

  • Exploring the Chalice Hill, Well & Springs for a magical connection to the divine feminine principle
  • Experiencing an alchemical union of your divine feminine & masculine energy
  • Supporting a deep purification and enabling you to work with the deeper chambers of the heart


The spiritual technologies encoded into this journey will support you to:

  • Receive a Holographic templating through the Goddess
  • Connect to the Red and White springs of Avalon for purification
  • Open your heart and connect to the Goddess at a deeper level for healing and comfort
  • Connect to the magical realm of Avalon and the Elemental Kingdoms for balance, harmony and rejuvenation 

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