Day 1 - Jupiter Cazimi - Expansion - Confidence - Optimism - Abundance

What an auspicious day to begin our 21 Day Abundance Immersion 🙂

Today is a Jupiter Cazimi - it happens only one day a year -and today is the day!

Key words include Expansion, Abundance, Optimism, Growth

This is the Harry Potter LIQUID LUCK Potion 🪄

Attune to this potent energy combo to expand beyond your horizons into the next level of YOU.

The key here is to ALLOW yourself to open up to this next level of abundance & higher flow

Over the next 20 days we will dig much deeper into the blocks etc but first we need to allow ourselves to expand 🥰 with no filters, fears etc

Jupiter Cazimi transmission

Attunement To Jupiter Cazimi

Embodiment Prompts

A few questions to consider & comment below with ⬇️

If anything were possible - what would you like to do daily, who would you be, what would you life look like?

Allow yourself to dream big, broaden your horizons and expand your consciousness

What perceptions/beliefs/inner thoughts have you been holding that has stopped you from dreaming big and creating more of a positive impact in the world?

After listening to the attunement - what came through for you - any feelings, energy, ideas, actions etc?

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