Day 1 -Vision & Intentions

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Your New Earth Visions & Intentions

The first day of our five-day journey was profound, the cosmic and astrological energies have shifted, bringing forth a new era. 

- Influence of Pluto in Aquarius in 2024

- Purpose of providing a framework for empowerment over five days

Pluto in Aquarius Transition

- Major shift in energy towards technology, rapid change, innovation, community, and power to the people

- Disintegration of existing structures and increased awareness of corruption and misuse of power

- The impact of Pluto in Aquarius on individual birth charts

Internal Transformation and Stability

- Self-reflection through the CAD process (connect, accept, detach)

- Identification and understanding of one's new Earth archetype

- Importance of finding stability within oneself and actively shifting one's energy

Rebirthing and Activating Dormant Codes

- Understanding the importance of decoding and rebirthing oneself

- Shifting one's blueprint by activating dormant codes

- Discussion of the presence of 12 different archetypes and their significance

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