Day 2 - Opening up to Infinite Possibilities

Let’s expand and deepen into the energy of the Jupiter Cazimi and tap into our unique Vortex of Creation.

I suggest you journal and explore the feelings, visions and insights that come through with your Vortex of Creation. It doesn’t matter if they are only very small insights or sensations - these will build as you begin to trust and have faith in the process. Make sure you journal EVERYTHING that comes through in terms of inner guidance, even if you want to dismiss it - don’t, write it down as this in itself will help you gain clarity and build a picture over time

Remember you cannot outsource your inner guidance - this is something you have to cultivate 😍

Vortex of Creation

Vortex of Creation Procedure

  1. Connect to your Vortex   This vortex is all around you, very expanded and connects you to Source, your guides, higher dimensional beings, Higher self, the Universe.
  2. Tune inTune   in to that that you wish to manifest. Remember it is already manifested as energy. You are tuning into it as an already energetic manifested form in the field of infinite possibilities. This is like a radio station - it already exists - you are tuning in to it
  3.  Lock in & stabilise Do this with your intent. Set your intent to stay tuned to that frequency all day. Every day as you practice this your signal will get stronger for longer
  4. Acknowledge the Spin, Magic & Synchronicities  Feel, sense or see your Vortex spinning in a positive way pulling in all the people, ideas, inspirations aligned action, downloads and codes that are perfectly matched to that that you wish to manifest Acknowledge all the magic, synchronicities, coincidences, smaller manifestations along the wayWhere you place your focus is what amplifies Whilst you close the gap - noticing the smaller manifestations, shifts in perceptions, coincidences helps to narrow the gap faster
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