Day 2 - Holding Space for your Visions/Intentions/Dreams

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Holding space for your Visions/Intentions/Dreams

- Importance of working on the energetic field in the morning and night

- Holding space for feelings/emotions without judgement

- Clearing subconscious emotions

- Working with the full moon for revealing subconscious patterns

- Decoding and upgrade process is ongoing and related to empowerment

- Connecting to nature and abundance

21-Day Empress Codes Challenge

- Consistently stepping out of the comfort zone

- Embracing uncomfortable emotions for inner work

- Consistent daily connection to one's vision

- Clearing anything not in alignment with the vision

- Embodying the empress for holding space and self-care

Creating High-Frequency Physical and Energetic Space

- Clearing and organising physical space

- Clearing and shifting energetic fields

- The Earthstar Temple for daily energetic support

- Honouring and supporting oneself as a conscious co-creator

Deeper Manifestation Programs

- New Earth Manifestation Vortex program

- Quantum Manifestation 2.0

- Connecting to the energetics of the empress and nature for manifestation

- 21-day Empress Codes program for intuition and alignment

Aligning Your Energetic Signature with Desired Outcome

- Conscious connection to nature's vibration and elemental realms

- Taking actions aligned with the desired outcome

- Aligning identity with the vision

- Acknowledging vulnerability and uncertainty

- Holding space for oneself during challenging times

Vision Activation and Cultivating Intuition

- Vision activation exercise

- Cultivating intuition and fast-tracking one's vision

- Challenges of trusting intuition and holding space for the visio

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