Day 3 light encoded frequency activations

Your Day 3 light encoded frequency activations:

Aligning to your Day 3 themes of tapping into your intuition and building a daily spiritual practice

Getting started....

  • Take a couple of breaths and relax, bringing all your focus to your heart

  • Tune in to your Higher Self and ask for guidance about the activation that will best support you today

  • Scroll down the list using your finger until you feel guided to stop or feel a sensation in your finger

  • Alternatively tune in to the frequency of the images and see which one draws you in

  • Before you being, scan your energy field and note any density or heaviness

  • On completion, scan your energy field again, what changes are you aware of

  • Anchor them in by sharing your experiences when you follow the link below

Detached Service

woman holding her hands to the heavens with bright light shining down

New Earth Contributions

Lunar Flow Power

Awakening Your Third Eye

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