Day 3 - Tapping into & Amplifying your Intuition

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Tapping into & Amplifying Your Intuition

- Power, authority, inner authority, and holding your light

- Dragon energy and its connection to sovereignty, inner strength, and empowerment

- Overcoming fear and embracing abundance, divinity, and intuition

Emotional Healing and Grief Processing

- Concepts of clearing wounding from Lemuria and Atlantis

- Importance of processing grief for personal growth

- The impact of grief on personal work and the need for emotional healing

Intuition and Spiritual expansion

- Importance of working with activations and meditations for self-awareness and trusting your intuition

- Working with oracle cards and dreams to connect with intuition and synchronicities

- The 21-day divine oracle challenge to strengthen intuition and follow intuitive hits

Physical and Energetic Well-Being

- Effects of solar flares on the body and mind

- Practising grounding techniques, meditations, fasting, and light eating for self-care

- Connecting with nature spirits and energy absorption through fasting and meditation

Holding Space and Supporting Others

- Role of lightworkers in supporting and guiding others through mass awakening

- Holding space within oneself, families, and friendships

- Working on meditations to support and empower others and yourself

Emotional and Intuitive Well-Being

- Working on sacral chakra, fear, doubt, and negativity for emotional and release and growth

- Importance of emotional flow and tapping into intuition effectively

- Observing patterns without judgement and using different methods to shift emotions and connect with subconscious

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