Day 4 - What Are Your Gifts

Acknowledging & Claiming your Spiritual/Creative gifts is an essential aspect to being able to manifest through them

What are your gifts Activation

Listen to the following activations to support you to deepen your connection to your spiritual/creative gifts over time

Higher Self Activation

Awakening Your Psyche Activation

Journal Prompts:

• What gifts do you possess?

• What abilities do you have that comes easily to you?

• How are you currently using your gifts?

• How could you use your gifts more regularly

• If you were using your gifts at 100% - what would that look like, who would you be BEING, what identity would you be holding?

Comment below with what comes up for you and what gifts your claiming

*please note these questions may create some triggers for you. That is a sign that there’s some perceptions/lower emotions that need to be brought to your attention, so you can see them, feel them and shift them
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