Day 4 - Sovereignty / Empowerment / Inner Authority

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Empowerment, Sovereignty and Inner Power

- The importance of supporting and nurturing yourself

- Leadership and leading yourself through initiations

- Acknowledging and releasing past life emotional wounds

- Navigating the empowerment process and its challenges

- Recognising triggers and self-judgments that restrict you

- Connecting with the breath and taking things one moment at a time

- Importance of loving and honouring yourself

- Disempowerment and the journey to empowerment

- Ownership of feelings rather than projecting them onto others

Self-Worth and Confidence

- Recurring theme of self-worth and nurturance

- Challenges surrounding money, spirituality, and abundance within the spiritual community

- Embracing key energetics of the year to support empowerment

- Impact of success on others: struggles and shadows

Spiritual Activation and Support

- Sharing temple activations for support

- Offer of 20% discount on all mentioned programs for a limited time

- Feedback on your experiences with the activations

Healing and Clearing

- Transference healing and working with Dragon energy

- Significance of Chiron in Aries and its influence on clearing abuse

- Collapsing of old power structures and the rise of new leaders

- Consistently shifting our sense of self

- Navigating external dynamics and trusting intuition and synchronicities

- Clearing emotional wounds and finding a new balance to receive guidance

- Importance of karmic clearing to step into the new

- Decoding and releasing for progress

- Being more comfortable in the discomfort

- Focus on reaching a new level of internal balance

- Importance of finding balance in within, including masculine/feminine, brain/heart, and external triggers and releases

- Year 8's significance and need for ease and grace in adjusting

- Shift in energy for light workers experiencing new empowerment and clearing past emotions

- Clearing group dynamics, standing in truth, and speaking your truth

- Sourcing power from within and not from external sources

- Navigating sensitivity

- Holding your light and uniqueness as a template for other

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