Day 5 - Abundance, Money & Spirituality

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Abundance, Money & Spirituality

Understanding Energetics and Clearing Emotional Blocks

- Importance of understanding energetics for mastering and learning

- Clearing emotional blocks to attract what is needed

Bonus Session on Spiritual Gifts

- Discussion of spiritual gifts and the process behind them

- Addressing questions from the 5-day event

The Temple and Its Offerings

- Activations, live calls, and community support

- Invitation to explore Temple options

Gratitude and Looking Forward

- Chloe's gratitude for the opportunity to share wisdom codes and activations

- Excitement for the upcoming session on Monday

Journey to Address Money Blocks

- Chloe's 30-year journey working with people and seeking to make an impact

- Financial struggles despite bringing in money

- Realisation of money blocks hindering impact and reaching more people

- Shift towards addressing the relationship with money and abundance

Financial Exploration and Shift

- Recognition of a reluctance to focus on money due to spiritual beliefs

- Investment in money-related workshops and mentorship

- Focus on decoding process and shifting consciousness for allowing abundance

- Impact of past lifetimes and vows around poverty on current abundance and money

New Earth Codes and Abundance Frequencies

- Connection between past experiences and attracting money

- Shift towards decentralised digital money in alignment with new Earth codes

- Link to the year 8, Lions Gate portal, and energy of manifestation and power

Accessing Abundance and Manifestation

- Navigating challenges by tapping into abundance frequencies within oneself

- Cultivating intuition and action aligned with abundance

- Focusing on abundance, clearing limiting beliefs, and embracing uniqueness

- Introduction of a 21-day challenge focused on abundance and money perception shifting

Spiritual Community and Abundance

- Importance of discussing abundance, money, and spirituality within the spiritual community

- Impact on personal power, growth, and sharing gifts with others

- Birthright of abundance and the need to realign with it

Chloe's Personal Journey

- Getting into holistic and spiritual practices due to chronic fatigue

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