Day 7 - Chiron Mastery (Core Woundings + Gifts)

Today let’s look at Chiron and how it impacts your next abundance upgrade and your ability to manifest with your gifts & abilities.

If you don’t know what your Chiron here is the link to the Chiron workshop. You may also want to go a little deeper and discover what house your Chiron lands in ( you’ll need to know your birth time). You can get a free chart from here to discover which house Chiron is in and then you can google what that house represents

I would then like you to journal on how your Chiron & the house its in (if you know it) may be impacting your ability to tap into your next level of abundance and manifesting with your gifts. Awareness is everything when it comes to Chiron. Once you can see how it’s playing out - you can then FEEL into those feelings yet simultaneously hold the awareness that this is not the real truth of who you are and decode that perception (belief & feeling) out of your energetic system and recode it with a more empowered perception.

Chiron Mastery - Core woundings activation

Comment below the ways that Chiron has been impacting your ability to manifest more abundance through your gifts ⬇️

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